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SPRStrategic Petroleum Reserve
SPRSurface Plasmon Resonance
SPRSaving Private Ryan (movie)
SpRSpecialist Registrar (UK doctor who supports a consultant)
SPRSociety for Psychical Research
SPRSuomen Punainen Risti
SPRSite Plan Review
SPRSoftware Productivity Research
SPRSociety for Pediatric Radiology
sprSchipper (Dutch)
SPRSwiss Poster Research
SPRSoftware Problem Report
SPRStop Prisoner Rape
SPRSociety for Psychophysiological Research
SPRSignal Processor
SPRSociety for Psychotherapy Research (behavioral science group)
SPRSpecial Purpose Rifle
SPRSepiapterin Reductase
SPRSpawning Potential Ratio (fisheries)
SPRSpecial Purpose Register
SPRStatistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition (workshop)
SPRShortest Path Routing
SPRSpecial Project Report
SPRSmall Particle Reagent
SPRSystem Problem Report
SPRSelf Piercing Rivet
SPRSociedade Paulista de Radiologia e Diagnóstico por Imagem
SPRSubpixel Rendering
SPRSouth Pacific Region (USACE)
SPRSan Pedro, Belize - San Pedro (Airport Code)
SPRSystem Performance Report
SPRSingle Point Refueling
SPRStudent-Produced Response (SAT testing)
SPRSandia Pulse Reactor
SPRSemiconductor Process Representation
SPRSparse Point Representation
SPRSmart Plant Review (Intergraph)
SPRSingle Package Radio (Skyworks)
SPRStaatspunkrott (German band)
SPRSyndrome de Pierre Robin (French: Pierre Robin Syndrome)
SPRSudden Pressure Relay (ABB Group; gas pressure measurement device)
SPRStrategic Planning Review
SPRSpecial Problem Report (US FEMA)
SPRState Performance Reports
SPRSpecial Processing Request
SPRSelected Place of Residence
SPRService Prévention des Risques (French: Service Risk Prevention)
SPRStatement of Procedural Rules (IRB)
SPRSystem Program Review
SPRSpecial Production Racing (motorcycle model)
SPRSam Park Revue (stage comedy troupe)
SPRSHARP Proactive Routing Protocol
SPRSingle Point of Reference
SPRSeconds Per Rotation
SPRSpace Power Reactor
SPRSecure-Path Routing
SPRSoftware Product Report
SPRService Performance Review
SPRSponsor's Program Review
SPRSpecial Requisition
SPRSpecific Physiological Response (polygraphy)
SPRSecond Parent Rider (life insurance)
SPRSystem Post-deployment Review
SPRSalient Pole Rotor
SPRSalvage Point Recording
SPRSequential Probabilistic Resource (resource reservation strategy)
SPRSecretarial Performance/Program Review
SPRSecure Packet Radio
SPRStowage Problem Report
SPRSistema de Proteção Contra Riscos Financeiros (Brasil)
SPRService des Programmes et du Réseau (French: Programs and Services Network)
SPRSchools and Programmes Register (Ghana)
SPRSynchronous Persistent Repetition
SPRSoftware Portability Review
SPRSpecial Program Requirement/Review
SPRSystems Programming Request
SPRSystem Performance Requirement(s)
SPRShort Prose Reader (anthology)
SPRSpecial Pinch Runner (little league baseball)
SPRStrategic Public Relations (various organizations)
SPRShortest Possible Route
SPRSmall Pressurized Rover
SPRSouthern Poetry Review (est. 1958)
SPRService Provider Reseller
SPRSpill Prevention and Response (various locations)
SPRSchool Psychology Review (National Association of School Psychologists)
SPRSelf Paced Reading (psycholinguistics)
SPRStandard Progress Report (various organizations)
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Given recent announcements that additional energy infrastructure could be taken offline, the administration should continue to monitor energy markets and consider further releases from the SPR to combat supply disruptions and price spikes.
Hence, in the present study, the effort is focused on determining the effect of rivet head height on the mechanical properties of a lap shear joint configuration, including the quasi-static failure load and fatigue performance of SPR joints in dissimilar CFRP to AA6111.
So far, India has purchased four VLCC cargoes of crude for the SPR.
The Department of Energy (DOE) manages the SPR, comprised of five
A sample of sun dried SPR was subjected to proximate analysis as per methods of AOAC (2005).
The SPR in the HEPLISAV group decreased from a peak of 95% at Week 24 to 92% at Week 52 while the SPR in the Engerix-B group decreased from a peak of 73% at Week 28 to 59% at Week 52.
The third match saw SPR storm into the lead with a 4-0 win to Durham county.
If DOE bought 100 million barrels of heavy crude oil during its expansion of the SPR it could save over $1 billion in nominal terms, assuming a price differential of $12 between the price of light crude oil and the lower price of heavy crude oil, the average differential over the last five years.
is offering the SPR (slip power recovery) drive as an alternative to liquid rheostat models used in auto shredder systems.
Our new SPR 315 panels produce an equivalent amount of power using only 15 solar panels on 265 square feet.
The first commercial SPR system dates back to 1990, when Pharmacia released its BIAcore.