SPR1Small Proline-Rich 1
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Ambient pH signaling regulates expression of the serine protease gene (spr1) in pine wilt nematode-trapping fungus, Monacrosporium megalosporum.
Swiss tuner Sportec has just unveiled the SPR1 T80, which pushes out 858 horses, has permanent four-wheel drive, tornadoes to 60 in 2.9 seconds and has posted a genuine 236mph at the Nardo circuit in Italy.
Costos promedios declarados por las SPR SPR Costos Costos 1995 1998 SPR1 $70,00 $75,00 SPR2 $70,00 $75,00 SPR3 $65,00 $70,00 SPR4 $67,00 $70,00 SPR5 $70,00 $75,00 SPR6 $69,00 $72,00 Cuadro 2a.