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SPRAGScottish Pulmonary Rehabilitation Action Group (UK)
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Because the sprag clutch is a type of friction component with interactions in components due to the engaging action, its geometric deformation coordination, contact nonlinearity, and friction are the main attributes responsible for its dynamic performance during engagement.
Other ADs of note include 2000-20-51, which requires inspection for yoke cracking, AD 99-07-17 which calls for inspection/replacement of the sprag clutch; AD 99-02-02, requiring inspection and/ or replacement of the flexplate; AD 98-21-09 for fuel tank vent check; AD 97-25-05 for carburetor and carb temp gauge replacement and 97-02-14, which requires an improved throttle governor, superceding and supplementing a previous AD on the subject.
After prototyping a three-dimensional sprag clutch, which Vranish designed, the project team has begun seeking similar solutions based around flex wedges.
As a group the Grizzlies offer rugged good looks, excellent ground clearance, good hauling and towing capacity and a transmission with Yamaha's exclusive sprag clutch.
Helicopters were in their infancy and Zlotek was quick to react by modifying automotive sprag clutch designs for improved functionality in a helicopter drivetrain.
(Traction drives are treated under "bearings," sprag clutches under "cams," drive chains and splines under "gears." Another group-other machine elements--is provided to capture machine elements not failling in these categories.)
Type Electric-Magnetic Friction Sprag And Ramp/Roller
Utilizing both a centrifugal and one-way sprag clutch, this belt-driven three-speed transmission is one of the strongest and smoothest engine-braking transmissions on the market.