SPRANSSpecial Projects of Regional and National Significance
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However, with the more stringent requirements under the better-funded SPRANS programs, students are likely to receive even less of the information they need.
Astonishingly, eleven of the thirteen curricula most commonly used by SPRANS programs (135) contain "major errors and distortions of public health information.
793 (2000), it is likely that both Title V and SPRANS programs, see infra notes 75-81 and accompanying text, will withstand scrutiny.
More than $1 billion has been spent in federal and state matching funds through Section 510, AFLA, and SPRANS between 1996 and 2005.
Freeze future funding of SPRANS grants unless results of funded projects or other research can demonstrate that abstinence-unless-married programs can provide benefits without health risks; this action is independent of reauthorization but could occur in 2005.
The provisions of this settlement are not binding on the Title V and SPRANS programs funded from the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health.