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SPRATSociety of Professional Rope Access Technicians
SPRATSociety for the Promotion of Rational Thinking
SPRATSmall Pelagic Research and Assessment Team (Australia)
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Mr Brierley took the opportunity of examining the fish, but a curious sequel arose when Mr Percy Heath, who prosecuted, mixed the sprats and the herrings and putting the fish before a witness, asked him to name them.
700g potatoes such as King Edward or similar 25g butter 200g onion, finely sliced 1 x 125g tin of Grebbestads Ansjovis (pickled sprats in brine) or small pickled herrings - if you can't find them in the chilled fish section of the supermarket, try Scandikitchen.co.uk Salt and black pepper 300ml double cream 300ml whole milk 2 tbsp dried breadcrumbs
- 6.1.6 Smoked sprats and canned smoked sprats (Sprattus sprattus); Smoked Baltic herring less than or equal to 14 cm length and canned smoked Baltic herring less than or equal to 14 cm length (Clupea harengus membras); Katsuobushi (dried bonito, Katsuwonus pelamis); bivalve mollusks (fresh, chilled or frozen); heat treated meat and heat treated meat products sold to the final consumer.
The Patagonian sprat (Sprattus fuegensis) is a small pelagic clupeid with a similar spatial distribution in both the South Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.
The quota and its allocation for sprat will be maintained at 11,475 tonnes - in line with the Commission's proposal - with 70% for Bulgaria (8,032.5 tonnes) and 30% for Romania (3,442.5 tonnes).
For turbot, the Commission has proposed a reduction of 15%, from 86.4 tonnes to 74 tonnes, while TACs for sprat would be maintained at the same level as in 2013: 11,475 tonnes.a
As you might imagine, the Swedes have added some preserved fish, here in the form of ansjovis (these are not actually anchovies, but pickled sprats spiced with a little ginger and cinnamon - regular anchovies can be a little too salty for this dish, but a reduced amount would work reasonably well.
Jack Sprat, an eatery locally owned by Frans and Jennifer Weits, makes a point of sourcing local, sustainable produce and meats.
The bill, which is expected to be approved this spring, will lead to more transparent customs duties for fish exported from Estonia mainly Baltic Sprat and Baltic Herring.
The whiting are feeding on sprat, and if the bait fish stay inshore then so will the whiting which sometimes hang around to be joined by the summer mackerel.
Another whiting hot spot is Friars Point at Barry, where anglers casting out lugworm, mackerel or sprat baits have been getting a bite almost every time and there are also cod to 3lb to add variety.
They are so unlike Jack Sprat and his wife, only Ginger licked her platter clean.