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SPRATSociety of Professional Rope Access Technicians
SPRATSociety for the Promotion of Rational Thinking
SPRATSmall Pelagic Research and Assessment Team (Australia)
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The flavour of the dish comes from the 'Ansjovis', which are pickled sprats (and not to be confused with anchovies).
6 Smoked sprats and canned smoked sprats (Sprattus sprattus); Smoked Baltic herring less than or equal to 14 cm length and canned smoked Baltic herring less than or equal to 14 cm length (Clupea harengus membras); Katsuobushi (dried bonito, Katsuwonus pelamis); bivalve mollusks (fresh, chilled or frozen); heat treated meat and heat treated meat products sold to the final consumer.
In the last five years, the Patagonian sprat has become the main clupeid species of the pelagic fisheries caught in the inland sea of Chiloe Island.
The quota and its allocation for sprat will be maintained at 11,475 tonnes - in line with the Commission's proposal - with 70% for Bulgaria (8,032.
4 tonnes to 74 tonnes, while TACs for sprat would be maintained at the same level as in 2013: 11,475 tonnes.
As you might imagine, the Swedes have added some preserved fish, here in the form of ansjovis (these are not actually anchovies, but pickled sprats spiced with a little ginger and cinnamon - regular anchovies can be a little too salty for this dish, but a reduced amount would work reasonably well.
The name and concept were Jennifer's, he added, saying she "always thought Jack Sprat was a good name for a restaurant because you could say fat and lean, just like the rhyme.
The whiting are feeding on sprat, and if the bait fish stay inshore then so will the whiting which sometimes hang around to be joined by the summer mackerel.
Another whiting hot spot is Friars Point at Barry, where anglers casting out lugworm, mackerel or sprat baits have been getting a bite almost every time and there are also cod to 3lb to add variety.
Dillon said: "I'm not disappointed and going over to Paris was a sprat to catch a mackerel.
He added: "The sand eel quota may be fixed on an entirely theoretical basis and that the sprat and Norway spout quotas are also subject to great future uncertainty, although the Norway spout quota this year looks sensible, which may improve the raw material supply to the factory.
They are so unlike Jack Sprat and his wife, only Ginger licked her platter clean.