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SPRATSociety of Professional Rope Access Technicians
SPRATSociety for the Promotion of Rational Thinking
SPRATSmall Pelagic Research and Assessment Team (Australia)
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Now, the sprats are available online, and also sometimes at a certain yellow-and-blue home furnishing store.
Maryland scientists are instead trying to rebuild native oyster stocks by building new beds out of shucked oyster shells and seeding them with native sprat, or baby oysters.
But the Pentagon thought Clark planned to use them as a sprat to catch a mackerel; next, he would demand ground troops and broaden the war.
In this instance, David and his roommate, Gwen, could be the '90s version of Jack Sprat and his wife.
In a slender two-part study of the early modern preface, Kevin Dunn traces the often contentious reception of classical rhetorical theory in the works of Protestant writers (Luther, Milton) and in select exponents of the new science (Bacon, Descartes, Sprat, among others).
Jack Sprat may have eaten no fat, while his wife would eat no lean, but a new study suggests that most husbands' fat intake mirrors that of their wives.
Croix, the seaside plantation estate of Sprat Hall Plantation features nine rooms and eight suites, complete with round and four-poster beds, stables and a beachfront restaurant.
Children of every age will enjoy all of their favorite storybook characters including Humpty Dumpty, Jack Sprat and Yankee Doodle.
com)-- 2013 was another milestone year for O'Donnell & Naccarato's facade restoration team, with Project Executive Joel Darras, Project Coordinator Becky Sell, and Project Designer Andrew Emmets each achieving new SPRAT Rope Access Technician Certification.
DWINDLING CATCH AREA OF NORTH SEA FISH % DECREASE Haddock North -29% Whiting North -13% Whiting South -29% Herring North -10% Norway pout North -19% Sprat South -16% Male sole South -13% Female sole South -1% Male plaice South -12%
Nigel Sprat of Darlington, won a match fished by 33.
The EU quotas for turbot and sprat will not be reduced in 2012, it has been made clear, with the only two member states affected by the decision being Bulgaria and Romania.