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IGP directed AIG Establishment to furnish a final working paper with regard to formulation of a comprehensive recruitment policy/ Establishment of SPRB within 15 days so that the same may be sent to Provincial Government for necessary approval/issuance of notification.
2) Within the IR, if a BPRB of the DUE is same to the SPRB of a CUE, the eNB assigns this PRB to the CUE as a SPRB to guarantee the QoS of the cellular users and allocates the next smallest BPRB to the DUE.
The funding assistance to be extended by the PDIC under the SPRB can be a combination of preferred shares and direct loans.
Having blessed defendants' proposed "fix-it-yourself solution" over the government's objections, the court went on to allow Arch Coal's ultimate acquisition of Triton and its two SPRB coal mines because "post-merger, there [would] still be five significant producers of SPRB coal, with Kiewit replacing Triton as an SPRB producing entity.
28) The court included Kiewit as one of the five remaining competitors in the SPRB and therefore changed the analysis from a five-to-four reduction in market participants to no reduction at all.
For instance, a newly scrubbed plant that burned low-sulfur SPRB coal in the recent past may have the option to purchase higher-sulfur coals or keep burning the SPRB coal, based on economics rather than sulfur content.
As part of our investment strategy, we plan on doubling the amount of containers moving through the terminal in the next five years and ultimately grow our capacity to 400,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) in the next 25 years," said Riveira, who added that SPRB has a current TEU of 100,000.
The SPRB, revised twice and its validity extended three times, was first created in 2010.
During the first 11 months of 2001, when spot prices were highest, spot sales of SPRB coal in this price range were 35 million tons - not a dramatic difference.
We congratulate the mines in the SPRB, the utilities and our employees for their efforts in making November 2007 the best coal loading month in our history," said Doug Glass, vice president and general manager - energy.
Under the SPRB Plus, rural, thrift, universal and commercial banks, as well as non-bank corporations that qualify as strategic third party investors or so-called "white knights" may be granted financial assistance for the acquisition of thrift or rural banks.
At the end of the first semester this year, he confirmed that the BSP is already processing seven merger and consolidation applications involving 15 small banks under its initiative, the Strengthening Program for Rural Banks or SPRB, which is co-regulated by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp.