SPRDE-SESystems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering-Systems Engineering
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For SPRDE-SE, Level I certification now requires, in addition to the core ACQ 101 course, completion of the new online SYS 101 course "Fundamentals of SPRDE." Level II now requires, along with ACQ 201 (A & B), the completion of the new online continuous learning module CLE 003 "Technical Reviews"; completion of the new online SYS 202 course "Intermediate SPRDE, Part I"; and completion of the new classroom SYS 203 course "Intermediate SPRDE, Part II." Level III now requires the online module CLL 008, "Designing for Supportability in DoD Systems," and the new classroom SYS 302 course, "Technical Leadership in Systems Engineering." The experience requirements for the three levels remain one, two, and four years, respectively.
The new SPRDE-PSE career path will require the same courses as SPRDE-SE at each level but will have additional certification training requirements.
From an acquisition training perspective, required courses have been added at each SPRDE-SE certification level.
In addition to the above certification changes already in effect, the SPRDE-SE acquisition community should expect further changes in this acquisition career field.
All SPRDE-SE career members entering the training track after SYS-101 is online will be required to take this course in addition to the prerequisite ACQ-101.