SPREdSociety of Picture Researchers and Editors (UK)
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O alienate from God, O spirit accurst, Forsak'n of all good; I see thy fall Determind, and thy hapless crew involv'd In this perfidious fraud, contagion spred Both of thy crime and punishment: henceforth No more be troubl'd how to quit the yoke Of Gods MESSIAH; those indulgent Laws Will not be now voutsaf't, other Decrees Against thee are gon forth without recall; That Golden Scepter which thou didst reject Is now an Iron Rod to bruise and breake Thy disobedience.
80) Donne's poem will soon ask, "Where are those spred woods?
The company's achievements in paint innovation include the development of the first latex paint, Spred Satin(R), in 1948.
Russell however spred himself to scoop the ball away from O'Connell's toe.
The possibility that the historical link between the yield spred and real activity has been broken (dur, for example, to such things as financial deregulation and the role of foreign investors in today's U.
It will contribute also to spred the genuine Romanian varieties
Hernandez spred the ball neatly to Peralta, who angled a low cross to the far post, where Guardado was on hand to smash home.
Foxe next reports that "there was a great rumor spred throughout al the City of London, that the kyng had commaunded to destroy all the Jewes.
Tenders are invited for Nall deepening and straightening in water spred area of existing c.
Having discussed the origins of human arts and sciences, Mornay continues: "the sayd inventions gathering together into one tyme, doe leade us to some one certeine Countrie as to a Centre, where mankind hath first sprong up, and afterward spred it selfe abroade as to the outermost partes of all the Circle" (117).
In the bucket, probably the most interesting new entry is the Glidden Spred 2000.
More pounds 50 gifts went to: Mossend Playgroup; Hillington Day Centre; Cranberry Moss Senior Citizens' Club, Kilwin-ning; SPRED Group, Paisley; 1st Grange- mouth Boys' Brigade; Glassford Women's Forum; Simpson's Mat-ernity Neonatal Unit, Edinburgh; Rockvale Rebound, Dumbarton; and Dominic O'Neil, four, of Cumbernauld, who has cerebral palsy.