SPREdSociety of Picture Researchers and Editors (UK)
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O alienate from God, O spirit accurst, Forsak'n of all good; I see thy fall Determind, and thy hapless crew involv'd In this perfidious fraud, contagion spred Both of thy crime and punishment: henceforth No more be troubl'd how to quit the yoke Of Gods MESSIAH; those indulgent Laws Will not be now voutsaf't, other Decrees Against thee are gon forth without recall; That Golden Scepter which thou didst reject Is now an Iron Rod to bruise and breake Thy disobedience.
Headteacher Margaret Anne Renfrew was joined by the hardworking pupils to hand over the cheque to Norma Scott from SPRED.
Yoshimura, "Regulation of cytokine signaling by the SOCS and Spred family proteins," Keio Journal of Medicine, vol.
Kedze nemame k dispozicii udaje za obdobie spred roku 1992, nie je mozne jednoznacne posudit platnost hypotezy EKC v pripade tych-to dvoch krajin.
For the glorye and great power of the lorde, so manyfestlye apperynge in hys elect vessels, may not now perysh at all handes, and be unthankfullye neglected but be spred the worlde over, as wele in Latyne as Englysh, to the perpetuall infamye of so wyllfullye cruell and spyghtfull tyrauntes (8).
The processed soil samples were serially, spred plated on full strength nutrient agar and incubated at 28[degrees]C for 48h.
He was spat at by his own newcastle public for omitting Keegan to face the Danes in 1982 and was spred with beer after England lost to Russia in 1984.