SPRFSouthern Public Relations Federation
SPRFSelf Pressirised Rapid Freezing (cryofixation)
SPRFSenior Principal Research Fellow (Australia)
SPRFState Parks and Recreation Fund
SPRFSandia Pulsed Reactor Facility
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Referrals (yes/no) and follow-up interval (< 1 month versus [greater than or equal to] longer versus none) were obtained from the SPRF. Good agreement between the SPRF and an independent review of 36 randomly selected visit audio recordings was observed (mean [kappa], 0.82).
Application of SPRF for nucleic acid testing involves immobilization of synthetic oligonucleotide capture probes on the sensor surface (Fig.
To evaluate the potential of SPRF for detecting nucleic acids, model systems using Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and coagulant factor V DNA sequences were developed.
The sensitivity of the SPRF technology for measuring nucleic acids was evaluated with plasmid DNA molecules.
The products were generated by a duplex amplification reaction containing primers specific for each analyte and were detected with SPRF sensors individually coated with capture probes specific for either target.
Standard Policy Reaction Function (SPRF): It is generally argued that a well-specified monetary reaction function is expected to capture the main thrust of monetary policy.
In this paper, however, we argue that if the Central Bank is rational and forward-looking then it should set its monetary targets on the basis of future expected values rather than contemporaneous values (as in the case of SPRF) of key macroeconomic target variables.
Results: Table 1 reports regression estimates of the Standard Policy Reaction Function (SPRF) while the parameter estimates of the Alternative Policy Reaction Function (APRF) are given in Table 2.
He has served as SPRF vice president for accreditation and numerous related committees.
She also serves on the board of the Southern Public Relations Federation (SPRF).