SPRIScott Polar Research Institute (University of Cambridge)
SPRISony Pictures Releasing International (Japan)
SPRISchering-Plough Research Institute (Corporate division)
SPRISurface Plasmon Resonance Imaging
SPRISingle Ply Roofing Institute
SPRISugar Processing Research Institute, Inc. (New Orleans, LA)
SPRISocial Policy Research Institute (Skokie, IL)
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Could you briefly describe the step-by-step procedure of applying SPRI (research methodology - data collection)?
Our clients find the information provided by SPRI extremely informative.
If oil and gas companies use the SPRI tool, what benefits can they expect?
SPRI was specifically developed for international companies operating in post-conflict areas to: * Assist with risk, reputation and social programme management; * Measure and track changes in community sentiment; and * Assess the effectiveness of communications and social programmes.
SPRI research shows that damp insulation can dry to the interior of buildings if there are no barriers between the insulation and the building.
We are delighted that SPRI has joined a long list of pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients which have partnered with TDR for the design and synthesis of high quality focused and diverse compound libraries.
SPRI is developing a process for analyzing existing roof systems to assist the owner or manager in making a decision to tear-off or re-cover.
Under the agreement, SPRI will provide both scientific guidance and funding as Hurel continues its one-year R&D program aimed at validating and developing its microfluidic, "human-on-a-chip" cell-based assay platform technology (please see below).
Driven by Agencourt's SPRI magnetic bead technology, Isopure provides researchers with a simple, streamlined method for consistent isolation of quality DNA.
SPRI addresses the need for automation friendly protocols, while delivering the highest recovery and highest quality RNA," said Kevin McKernan, Agencourt's Chief Scientific Officer.
Having recently initiated its 100th trial using InForm, the Institute is now licensed to extend its use of InForm for the management of Phase IV trials and will continue to deploy the software for new SPRI trials on an enterprise-wide scale.
As with other SPRI applications, RNAClean is easily automated for use in 96 or 384-well formats.