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SPRITZSolar Power Radio Integrated Transmitter
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Featured on Channel TENs Shark Tank, Sofi Spritz is an all-natural Australian wine spritzer, crafted by a 5th generation wine maker that was a start-up business crowdfunded by fans and is booming in sales across Australia.
Itz Spritz is available in contemporary 12-ounce slim cans, and each is produced with five simple ingredients including a proprietary alcohol base derived exclusively from cane sugar.
Not that you have to make a Spritz with a bitter liqueur.
In his Colorado lab, Spritz has been using "landmarking" to identify and understand the complex interactions of the genes that determine facial structure.
Sticking to the tried-and-true mechanism through which Aperol gained popularity in Italy, Gruppo Campari has been heavily promoting the Spritz as its signature cocktail.
Dirty Dog Paw Spritz will be donating a free bottle of the paw sanitizer to each of the 600 participants that will be participating in the race.
Start with damp hair, and spritz on Surf Spray," Gossip Girl stylist Jennifer Johnson says.
Spritz on calls, ratting horns, stands, bows and anything else to get rid of lingering or troublesome odors that might otherwise blow your cover.
Off-dry with a touch of spritz, citrus flavors such as grapefruit and pineapple round out the wine.
All this was to promote something, of course -- in this case, salad dressing in Wish-Bone's second annual Puttin' on the Spritz show.