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SPRITZSolar Power Radio Integrated Transmitter
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Such a meteoric rise was always going to attract attention, and earlier this year the New York Times published an unusually targeted hit-piece entitled The Aperol Spritz Is Not A Good Drink ("It's like a Capri-Sun after soccer practice on a hot day - and not in a good way"), prompting outrage from Aperol advocates everywhere.
VOGUE Williams admits she's bombarded with free products from firms seeking a celebrity endorsement - but says she draws the line at vaginal spritzes.
Itz Spritz is available in contemporary 12-ounce slim cans, and each is produced with five simple ingredients including a proprietary alcohol base derived exclusively from cane sugar.
It, too, was bone dry, and I spritzed the bolt through the ejection port with the aerosol Dry Lube before leaving for the range.
One of the low-octane beverages that's been getting more play recently is the Spritz. This aromatic, bubbly and slightly bitter cocktail imported from Italian aperitivo culture has been popping up on more drink menus in the U.S.--and with good reason.
This DNA-determined appearance, or phenotype, is what creates family resemblance and, in the words of geneticist Richard Spritz, is "what your grandmother is responding to when she says you look like your father." Efforts by geneticists to find the pieces of DNA that determine what a human face looks like--everything from the shape of the nose to the spacing between the eyes--have intensified in recent years, and progress has been made.
What you need is a little face spritz. Our testers gave three of them a trial run.
Pleased To Meet You's Spritz in Sienna - a cross between a gin spritz and a Bellini, "served long and cool in a carafe," with wine glasses - tantalised the tastebuds of guests on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch.
The Spritz app, currently for Samsung's latest Galaxy S5 smartphone and Gear 2 smartwatch, streams the words and show a red line at the Optical Recognition Point (ORP), where the eyes naturally go to in words to determine what they are.
Our testers spritz their locks with the latest hair perfumes to hit the market.