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In the Airdrie and Falkirk cases, a medical doctor determined that nine-year old Sprot was too frail to withstand a whipping, and he was placed on one-year probation; (5) Ewart and Low, however, were deemed physically fit and were birched.
[12.] Sprot, A., Minto, J., Sims-Williams, D., and Dominy, R., "Aerodynamic Investigation on the Effect of Varying Through-Hub Flow on a Formula One Front Wheel Assembly," SAE Int.
Grazia Calvert and Rosanne Sprot make 70 kilos and 12 varieties of fudge each week.
Neil Sprot, head of protection at the building society, said: "The average cost of fire to a person's home is worryingly high and we are pleased to be helping the fire rescue service to encourage greater awareness."
RESULT ( Men: 1 I Hudspith (Morp) 29:51; 2 S Bell (Ch-le-St) 31:52; 3 C Sampson (Morp) 32:22; 4 R McLeod (Elsw) 33:11; 5 A Dougal (Tyne) 33:12; 6 T Field (V40, Sund) 33:47; 7 M McDonald (LFell) 33:52; 8 I Twaddle (NSP) 33:57; 9 J Moore (Heat) 33:58; 10 S Pigford (V40, Ch-le-St) 34:07; 11 A Wallett (V40, NSP) 34:54; 12 B Jameson (V50, Tyne) 35:18; 13 D Scobie (Dumf) 35:20; 14 D Sprot (Morp) 35:26; 15 S McKenna (Unatt) 35:33.
Leading the way was Ponteland's 22-year-old David Sprot, who finished runner-up behind British international Steve Burkinshaw in a highly-competitive senior men's event.
The sweet and sugary moreish concoction is made in a section of the castle's former Victorian scullery in what is thought to be the old buttery by castle residents Rosanne Sprot, 31, and Grazia Calvert, 47.
RESULTS - Great North Winter Run (four miles): 1 B Bennett (USA) 20:50; 2 B Phariss (USA) 21:03; 3 N Samuels (Lough St) 21:21; 4 P McCartney (Els) 22:02; 5 S Mosley (Swansea) 22:09; 6 J Martin (Sun, U17) 22:13; 7 N Orr (Darl, M40) 22:27; 8 D Purvis (Birt) 22:29; 9 B Jameson (Tyne, M50) 22:35; 10 J Pearson (Els, U15) 22:38; 11 D Sprot (Morp) 22:51; 12 A Lawrence (Morp, U20) 22:58; 13 S Coxon (Sun, M40) 23:01; 13 D Ovens (Fife) 23:03; 15 Mark McLeod (Els) 23:05; 16 J Ross (North'd FR) 23:05; 17 G Driscoll (Morp, U20) 23:12; 18 R Chawla (unatt) 23:19; 19 M Ketley (Els) 23:23; 20 A Dent (Blay, M45) 23:28.
Rosanne Sprot, who lives in the castle where she works as a gatekeeper and turns out home baking for its cafe, will make the fudge, helped by Mr Calvert's wife Grazia.
For third-placed David Sprot, winner of the recent Rothbury Fell Race on New Year's day and highly placed in the People's cross country on the Town Moor, Newcastle, this was one race too many in such a short time.
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