SPROTSponsored Programs Resource and Outreach Team (Michigan Tech University)
SPROTSemi-Protection (Wikimedia Foundation)
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Girls' participation in sprots in the recent decade has been closer to two-thirds of that of boys, and while increases in participation have followed from tighter encorcement of Tirle, IX, a gender gap remains.
Studies PEDIATRICS, June 1999 Spine Journal of Clinical Epidemiology British Journal of Sprots Medicine (April 2001) Journal Vertebral Subluxation Res, July 12 2003 -- 9 year old male -- lists 7 other resources and studies
Stan Oulds Trophy second round: Bedworth Ex Service 0 Ambleside Sprots 0 (Ambleside win 3-0 on pens), Christ The King 3 Woodlands WMC 0, Highway Coundon 5 Bulkington Sports 1, Stockton 3 Bell AEI Rugby 4 (AET).
27 billion, or two-thirds, to the construction and maintenance of new sprots venues.
TOP RESULT North Shields Top House (dark strip) on their way to victory against New biggin Sprots in the Synergy Blyth and Wansbeck Sunday League (above and right) PICTURES: STEVE MILLER