SPRTSupportSoft, Inc (stock symbol)
SPRTStandard Platinum Resistance Thermometer
SPRTSequential Probability Ratio Test
SPRTSimple Packet Relay Transport
SPRTStandard Quality Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector
SPRTSheath-Protected Resistance Thermometer
SPRTSelection of Potential Recipient of Transplant
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We successfully made 3 SPRT classifications, all of which indicated inheritance of HapI by the fetus (Fig.
The classification of type a and type [beta] SNPs for the SPRT in RHDO analysis depends on the identities of the inherited paternal alleles, compared with those on an assigned maternal haplotype.
4] Nonstandard abbreviations: NIPD, noninvasive prenatal diagnosis; SNP, single- nucleotide polymorphism; RHDO, relative haplotype dosage; CVS, chorionic villus sampling; PE, paired-end; SOAP2, Short Oligonucleotide Alignment Program 2; Hapl, haplotype I; SPRT, sequential probability ratio test
In the SPRT range, temperatures are determined in terms of the ratio of the observed resistance R([T.
During operation, the temperature of the tubes that extend above the sample cell is controlled close to the Ar TP temperature to temper the sheath of the SPRT.
Likewise, in the realization of the FP or the MP of metal fixed points, the operating procedure is designed to surround the SPRT in the sample container well by two equal-temperature equilibrium surfaces.
The wells for the long-stem SPRT are made sufficiently deep to eliminate "stem conduction.
The bath liquid tempers the SPRT sheath that extends above the fixed-point device.
In 1932, Meyers of NBS described the design of an SPRT element consisting of a small helical Pt coil that was 5 mm in diameter and 32 mm in length and that was wound in a strain-free manner on a notched ruby mica cross (56).
Investigations have been conducted at NBS and in other national laboratories to extend the SPRT scale to the Au FP (61-63).
Oxygen is added to the heat exchange gas inside the SPRT sheath to maintain any metal impurities that might be present in the oxidized state.
556 1 K (Ne TP) are calibration points for both the SPRT sub-range as well as for the ICVGT, the two reference scales agree at these points to within the stated uncertainty for the calibration.