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SPRYSetting Priority for Retirement Years (foundation)
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Jeremy Sterling, director of sales & marketing for Spry Publishing said, It (acquiring The Word Baron) expands our creative services that we can offer our clients.
We previously lived in Lodge Close, which is just opposite the farm," said Mr Spry.
Any documentary dealing with Spry and ASIO during the Cold War would be controversial.
Spry has rejoined the coaching staff after fulfilling several international commitments.
The release of Fizzik to the public represents a huge milestone for us," said Paul Scarpa, CEO and co-founder of Spry Hive.
And when it emerged a family home on the street had been ransacked the same day, forensic evidence gathered by the 68-year-old linked Spry to the crime.
Spry staunchly denied all the claims made against her and insisted the only physical punishment she ever used was "a smack on the bottom".
Judge Simon Darwall-Smith told Spry this was the worst case he had come across in 40 years in law.
Jehovah's Witness Eunice Spry, 62, forced sticks down the vulnerable youngsters' throats and made them eat their own vomit and rat excrement.
The horrific case of Eunice Spry, who subjected her three foster-children to the most dreadful degradations - including forcing them to drink bleach and eat blocks of lard - shows that social workers have learnt nothing from the litany of cases that preceded it.
Karen Spry, the Museum's Curatorial Officer, said: "The Motor Shed contains one of our most unusual and interesting exhibits and we are glad to be able show it off better.