SPS2Sony PlayStation 2
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The STS PCR amplifications were performed using the following primers (sAFP = allele-specific PCR marker derived from an AFLP): sAFP9-6 (5' GCI" TGT GGC TTG AAT TGT ATT TGC 3'; 5' GCT TCA CCT GCT ACA CAA CAC CAG 3'), sAFP16-3 (5' GCT CAT ACC AAA AGG ATC TTG AAC 3'; 5' CAG GGA AAA TGG AGA ACA GAA A 3'), SPS2 (sucrose phosphate synthase, Genbank Z56278; 5' TGG CAT ATC CTA AAC ACC ACA 3'; 5' GGT AAG ACC AAA CGG CTC AA 3'), SUS3 (sucrose synthase, rug4 locus, Genbank AJ012080; 5' CAA ACC AGA TTT GAT TGT TGG A 3'; 5' TTC TCA AGT GCA TGA GCA AT 3') and agpL2 (ADP glucose pyrophosphorylase subunit L2, Genbank Y08728; 5' CAA GTG GAT ACA ACT GTT CTT GGT 3'; 5' CTC CTA TTC CTA CTG GAA CTC TCC 3').
1997), which is linked to P482 on LG II; SPS2 (Genbank accession AF322116), sucrose synthase (SUS3, rug4 locus, Genbank accession A J102080), and ADP glucose pyrophosphorylase subunit L2 (agpL2, Genbank accession Y08728) on LG III; starch branching enzyme I (r locus, Genbank accession X80009) on LG V; and granule bound starch synthase II (GBSSII, Genbank accession X88790; PID18 in Gilpin et al.
The company worked with Watson-Marlow to fit the MasoSine SPS2.