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SPSASimultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation
SPSASpecial Project Support Activity
SPSASpanish Peaks Staff Association (Spanish Peaks Scout Ranch)
SPSASpotted Sandpiper (bird species Actitis macularia)
SPSASoutheastern Public Service Authority (Chesapeake, VA)
SPSAScottish Police Services Authority
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The Payment Security Scheme (PSS) will be implemented by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) with the provision of NVVN opening the SPSA for this purpose and draw funds as per mechanism/ provisions of the Scheme.
Using IBA in the culture medium caused high shoot growth in SPSA (Fig.
SPSA is associated with pneumonia in 29 to 75% of cases, and less frequently with meningeal, endocardial or pleural space involvement (or combinations of those).
However, because of budgetary issues, in late January the SPSA announced plans to reorganize its operations.
Rodham has not yet decided whether SPSA properly may accept for disposal construction and demolition debris in competition with Holland.
30, 2012, SPSA operated 78 stores throughout the country with a total LTM EBITDA of USD74 million.
Hollin Consulting received PS428,862 from the SPSA, with training aimed at reducing the time spent "looking for keys" among initiatives developed by staff.
The next day, she started the same job as head of criminal justice at the SPSA - on pounds 90,000 a year.
SPSA chief executive David Mulhern told an employment tribunal: "Continuation of Fiona McBride as a fingerprint expert was not an option.
The SPSA board of directors has voted to extend that fee to anyone wanting to dispose of industrial C&D debris.
Holland tells the paper that the fee is below market prices and will undercut competition from private companies, but SPSA officials say the price is on par with what the other private construction debris landfills charge, according to the Virginian-Pilot.
Intercorp Retail's ratings are supported by the strength of the credit quality, strong brand recognition, and consolidated market position of its most important indirect operating subsidiaries, SPSA and Inkafarma, which represent approximately 64% and 31% of Intercorp Retail's consolidated revenues during LTM June 2011.