SPSESouth Pacific Stock Exchange (Fiji Islands)
SPSESociety of Professionals, Scientists and Engineers (LLNL)
SPSESociety for the Philosophical Study of Education (formerly Midwest Philosophy of Education Society)
SPSESpecial Purpose Support Equipment
SPSEStability Pact for Southeast Europe (intergovernmental organization)
SPSESports Photos Search Engine
SPSESociety of Photographic Scientists and Engineers
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There is no problem with the locals, because they are so far away and so, the neighbourhood is not affected, and there is no river so it's impossible to tell you here and now that it's a cause of concern for the environment," Francois Trabucco, SPSE deputy technical director said.
The fire brigade and the SPSE have started a clean up operation and the SPSE said deliveries will not be affected as parallel pipelines can be used.
For important disclosures about SPSE, pleasevisit http://www.
Products and services provided by SPSE may not be available in all countries or jurisdictions.
In addition, most of the senior syndicated loans held by the Company that were not submitted to SPSE for opinions of value saw bids move from 100% (par) to 94% (or lower for some loans) and then rebound as the quarter ended.
Because of fluctuation in the market and other factors beyond its control, SPSE cannot guarantee its opinions of value.
The reduced valuations of syndicated loans of non-rated companies were based on market bids provided by the agent banks for those companies, and on further validation of those bids provided by SPSE.
Prices of firms other than those of SPSE are the responsibility of those firms and not SPSE and are produced under the firms' methodologies and policies and procedures, not those of SPSE.
In response to growing market and regulatory demands for more frequent price updates on illiquid OTC securities SPSE will deliver its bond evaluations at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 17:00 and US close of business at 21:00 (4:00pm ET).
Customers of SPSE will have easy access to this data as a result of the new 'Masterfeed' file - a delivery of pricing data that consolidates all the asset classes SPSE prices into one easy to use and customisable comma delimited file.
Dynes, SPSE (Society of Professionals, Scientists, and Engineers) urged that UC end eight years of harassment and pay a $2.
Jeff Colvin, spokesperson for SPSE, states that, "SPSE was outraged at UC's mainline of defense at the second trial.