SPSFState Public Services Federation (trade union federation; Australia)
SPSFSouthern Pacific Santa Fe (failed merger of Southern Pacific and Santa Fe Railroads)
SPSFShouldn't Paint So Fast
SPSFSales Per Square Foot
SPSFSmall Professional Services Firm (certification; North Carolina)
SPSFSystem Point Spread Function (telescopes)
SPSFSharePoint Software Factory (computer programming utilities)
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The evening is full of amazing food and friends of SPSF Pulaski.
The annual More Than A Scholarship Campaign utilizes special matching funds to leverage gifts of every size creating impact in the lives of SPSF scholars and families.
In the present study, we developed a novel method to prepare positively charged flat sheet ultrafiltration membranes, which were prepared through immersion precipitation phase inversion method to achieve SPSF ultrafiltration membranes with a degree of sulfonation of 10%.
Added Bara, "On behalf of our board members and the SPSF staff, we are grateful to Regina and to the volunteers who provided our recipients with quality dental care.
The sodium form of SPSF was dissolved in N,N-DMF with 15 wt% concentration and cast onto clean glass plates followed by heating at 60[degrees]C for 6 h and 120[degrees]C for 6 h to remove the solvent.
He was speaking at a cake cutting ceremony in connection with the 59th birth anniversary of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto arranged by SPSF unit SMBBMU Larkana on Saturday night.
SPSF is a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance and support services to high-potential, low-income single parents attending college in Pulaski County.
Now aggressively penetrating urban and suburban markets on a regional plan, the company's pricing patterns and SPSF performance is better than those of the national giants, while the company is developing patron allegiance in the process.
By developing and implementing a comprehensive SPSF, KRG will bring equity in social assistance, opportunity for labor market participation, and resilience in the face of shock.
However, the special properties of SPSF membranes such as surface morphology, tensile properties, oxidative stability, and methanol permeability have not been reported until now in a systematic fashion.
The greatest challenges for SPSF, like many other nonprofits, is boosting donations and visibility among potential donors.
Small businesses determined to be eligible for participation in the SPSF, MWBE and DBE programs are those meeting size standards defined by Small Business Administration (SBA) regulations.