SPSGSoftware Project Survival Guide (Steve McConnell)
SPSGScience Policy Support Group (1986-2003)
SPSGSingle Parent Support Group
SPSGStrategic Planning Study Group
SPSGStrategic Partnership Schools Group (various locations)
SPSGStrategic Plan Steering Group
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Via a simple random method, the study population was assigned to 2 groups such that the first 5 patients who underwent SPSG were entered in the study, followed by the next 5 patients who underwent MPSG.
The SPSG group was comprised of 5 male and 46 female patients, and the MPSG group consisted of 16 male and 35 female patients.
In the SPSG group, only 1 patient had bleeding as an early complication, and 3 patients developed leakage.
In addition, 4 of the SPSG operations were switched to MPSG due to the lack of exposure and bleeding.
2], the SPSG is the largest of the sub-tropical gyres yet one of the least studied ocean regions, particularly the central eastern section within which Easter Island and Salas y Gomez Island are located.
In this sense, the waters of the SPSG near Easter Island represent an extreme environment.
Along a similar transect (the Beagle cruise) across the SPSG further south (at 32.
The eukaryotic microbes detected highlight the potential importance of heterotrophy in central SPSG surface waters.
The statistical model used herein, (32) based on observed trajectories of drifting buoys, was successfully used to find an accumulation zone of plastic pollution in the SPSG.
Overall, the densities of microplastics found in the SPSG are comparable with those observed in other areas of the world.
The differences between the NPSG and the SPSG are particularly pronounced in the category of fragments.
Most plastic particles (large and small) accumulating in the SPSG likely have their origin in the countries around the South Pacific Ocean, (30).