SPsiSarjana Psikologi (Indonesian: Bachelor of Psychology)
SPsiSocial Protection and Social Inclusion (EU)
SPsiSerikat Pekerja Seluruh Indonesia (Indonesian: All-Indonesia Workers Union; state-supported union; Indonesia)
SPsiSeattle Psychoanalytic Society
SPsiSenior Permanent Staff Instructor (UK)
SPsiSenate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations
SPsiStrategic Plan for School Improvement
SPsiStatic Placement, Static Issue
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With regard to this issue, if for example one observes an estate or ranch that has intensive silvopastoral systems (SPSi), whether as the sole livestock production system or as one of several systems, the essential components can be defined as: the climatic and edaphic conditions, geography, topography, land tenure and ownership, public policies, type of production, type of producer, management system, size, types of economy, socio-cultural aspects, biodiversity, purchase/sale of cattle, movement of animals and livestock immunity.
Brookfield, Wisconsin-based SPSI has offices in Chicago, Illinois, and employs more than 50 people.
A final set of items was selected, which composed the version of the School Success Promoting Strategies Inventory (SPSI) tested in this study.
We turn now to a comparison of the OMC SPSI and the Canadian health and National Child Benefit examples.
Development and preliminary evaluation of the Social Problem Solving Inventory (SPSI).
DpDi, RpRi, ApAi, SpSi, TpTi, IpIi y CpCi fueron los productos del peso relativo por el impacto ocasionado en el acuifero a causa de los factores D, R, A, S, T, I, C.
The corporate unions 'can establish cooperation with or be affiliated to the All-Indonesia Workers' Union' (SPSI), and that they were 'recommended to join the SPSI of relevant business sectors' within 12 months from their establishment.
La estructura factorial encontrada es similar a la de la version en ingles del SPSI, propuesto por Maydeu-Olivares, D'Zurilla y Kant (1994).
Also, the NI significantly positively correlated with the NCS and the SPSI factors Positive Problem Orientation and Rational Problem Solving.
In developing the Social Problem-Solving Inventory (SPSI), D'Zurilla and Nezu assessed individual strengths and deficiencies across varying problem-solving contexts.
La unica organizacion de union sindical reconocida por el estado, el SPSI, recibio gran parte de sus finanzas de parte del gobierno, y personal militar designado en muchas de sus posiciones directivas.
(OTC: SPSI), Minneapolis, has received CE Mark authorization from its Notified Body in Munich, Germany, allowing commercial distribution of the Virtual Biopsy(TM) System in the European Union.