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SPSLSouth Puget Sound League (interscholastic sports league; Washington)
SPSLSecurity Policy Specification Language
SPSLSpecial-Purpose Simulation Language
SPSLShree Precoated Steels Ltd. (India)
SPSLShort Period Superlattice
SPSLSteam Pressed Scrim Lumber
SPSLSlow Pitch Softball League (various locations)
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This study found that SPSL process water has a high BOD, COD, and TSS (Table 4).
Tim Denison, retail psychologist at SPSL, said, "The weather is going to play a factor.
Figures from shopping researchers SPSL, showed that 73 per cent of stores suffered a year-on-year fall over the bank holiday weekend.
The Echo has also obtained figures from SPSL, a company which compiles retail traffic data for shops, which shows the number of shoppers coming to Cardiff this July was down 2.
The big lout's expansion into non-food could give their opponents even more ammunition with which to attack them--according to a white paper from the KPMG/ SPSL Retail Think Tank.
6% year-on-year and was down almost 7% on August, according to the retail research group SPSL.
The research comes the day after retail analyst SPSL said shopping during the final two weeks of December was 3.
The addition of SPSL to our line of products for secure documents such as passports, ID cards, driver's licenses and visas, and secure document issuance systems will allow us to deliver a full range of border and civil security solution products," said David Cook, director, Safety and Security Systems, 3M United Kingdom.
SPSL, which also has a site in Annan, South-West Scotland, makes ingredients for drugs to treat conditions ranging from asthma to Aids.
Research group SPSL said the number of people going shopping between Christmas and New Year was nearly eight per cent lower than in 2004.
At the same time, a report claimed figures from research firm SPSL would show that the number of shoppers fell sharply on Thursday and Friday last week as temperatures plunged.
Retail tracking agency SPSL found numbers across the nation were down 2.