SPSWSocial Policy and Social Work (program; various locations)
SPSWSwiss Plant Science Web (Switzerland)
SPSWSteel-Plate Shear Walls
SPSWSociety of Professional Social Workers (Western Australia, Australia)
SPSWSupervising Psychiatric Social Worker (various organizations)
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The objectives of this study were to (1) develop a cost-effective technology for using SPSW and rice straw for large-scale production of Trichoderma viride biofertilizer, (2) evaluate the feasibility of biofortification of crops through application of T.
SPSW, containing approximately 25 g L-1 COD and 1 g [L.sup.-1] total N, was obtained from a local sweet potato starch production company (Xiangfeng Corp., Hunan, China) as a by-product of sweet potato starch processing.
The sweet potatoes were processed to produce 150 t [yr.sup.-1] refined starch, during which about 1.2 x [10.sup.4] t SPSW was produced containing 252 tC and 9.6 tN (Table 1).
By liquid-state fermentation of SPSW and solid-state fermentation of paddy straw by T.
Recognizing the need to resolve this important issue, the Syndicate of Psychological and Social Workers (SPSW) sought the support of USAID and ARD's Civic Engagement Program (CEP).