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SPTBSpontaneous Preterm Birth
SPTBSpectrin, Beta, Erythrocytic
SPTBSecondary Power Test Bed
SPTBSecondary Prevention and Translation Branch (US NIH)
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Women with no previous SPTB who are carrying a singleton pregnancy is the population in which TVU CL could have the greatest impact on decreasing SPTB, for several reasons:
More than 90% of these women have risk factors for SPTB.
Real-world implementation studies have indeed shown significant decreases in SPTB when a policy of universal TVU CL screening in this specific population is implemented.
The authors found only an 8% sensitivity of TVU CL screening for SPTB using a cutoff of [less than or equal to] 25 mm at 16 0/7 to 22 6/7 weeks of gestation in 9,410 nulliparous women.
Among the 660 women with commercial insurance, while the overall rate of SPTB at less than 37 weeks was similar for white and black women, black women had significantly higher rates of recurrent SPTB at less than 34, 32, 30, and 28 weeks, reported Dr.
5) This trial randomized 463 pregnant women with a history of prior SPTB at 19 different centers to 17-alpha hydroxy-progesterone caproate (17P) or placebo.
Therefore, 17P 250 mg IM weekly starting at 16 to 20 weeks until 36 weeks should be recommended to women with singleton gestations and prior SPTB 20 to 36 6/7 weeks.
In women with a history of prior SPTB who are found to have a short cervix in the mid-trimester (cervical length of <2.