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SPTBSpectrin, Beta, Erythrocytic
SPTBSecondary Power Test Bed
SPTBSecondary Prevention and Translation Branch (US NIH)
SPTBSpontaneous Preterm Birth
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Eritrosit zan proteinierinin genleri ve kromozomiari Protein Gen Kromozomal yerlesim Alfa spektrin SPTA1 1g22-q23 Beta spektrin SPTB 14823-824,1 Ankirin ANK1 8p11,2 Bant 3 AE1 17q21-q22 Portein 4,1 EPB41 1p36,p34 Protein 4,2 EPB42 15g15-q21 Glikoforin C GYPC 2g14-q21 Tablo 2.
Analyses of pregnancy outcomes by insurance type and maternal race showed that among 187 Medicaid recipients, black women had significantly higher rates of SPTB at less than 37 weeks (42% vs.
In one of the largest studies of its kind, covering more than 5,000 women between 2007 to 2010 who had a history of SPTB, Alere found that in its progestin hormone support program - 17P Administration Services - compliance with therapy has increased and rates of SPTB have decreased.