SPTPSuicide Prevention Training Programs
SPTPSexual Predator Treatment Program
SPTPSpatial Peak, Temporal Peak (ultrasound)
SPTPSolid Pseudopapillary Tumor of the Pancreas
SPTPSolomon Page Technology Partners (New York, NY)
SPTPSerikat Pekerja Tingkat Perusahaan (Indonesian: Corporate Level Trade Unions)
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Based on the MOA, the DCWD will bear the entire costs in the construction of the SpTP and will shoulder the operations and maintenance cost of the same.
Maynilad has 30 STPs/ SpTPs that have a combined capacity of 541 million liter per day (mld), which cost around P26.43 billion to build, while Manila Water, on the other hand, has 40 STPs/SpTPs with a capacity of 312, all costing P12 billion.
Note: gray area is used segment, PTP (prediction time point, 5 min), and SPTP (selected past time point, 5 min).
The Alazap SpTP can treat up to 250 cubic meters (or 250,000 liters) of septage daily.
Through a civil commitment process, these individuals can be committed to SPTP for treatment until it is determined by treatment staff and the court that they no longer represent a high risk to re-offend.
Invasion is dependent on the secretion of virulence proteins, including SptP and SopE, into the host cell, and mediates its effects on the host from within a membrane-bound vesicle.
Manila Water currently operates and maintains 38 STPs and two septage treatment plants (SpTP), to ensure that used water collected from its customers is treated and cleaned before being discharged back into Metro Manila's waterways.
En ce qui concerne l'operation de vente de SPTP (100%) et Palstic Technology (100%) elle dans la phase du choix des banques d'affaires qui en seront chargees.
Tender are invited for Provision Of Training Center In The Fields Of Printing Sptp Great Porc - Tds Ensure The Performance And Safety.
Tenders Are Invited for Training center in the fields of printing SPTP Great Porc - ICT equipment - PC, server, active elements.
Tenders Are Invited for Supply for Training Center in the fields of printing SPTP Great Porc - supply of equipment - Interiors bench.
Contract notice: Provision of Training center in the fields of printing sptp great porc - tds ensure the performance and safety.