SPTSSSpecial Topics in Social Studies
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In addition, CES score and overall SPTSS score correlated significantly in the PTSD group, but not in the no-PTSD group.
These results are consistent with previous findings indicating that centrality relates more to rumination and rehearsal than to memory avoidance or thought suppression (measured here by the avoidance/numbing subscale of SPTSS) (Newby & Moulds, 2011; Rubin et al.
In addition, it is noteworthy that the re-experience subscale of SPTSS, and not the overall symptoms nor the other subscales, correlated significantly with centrality even though this group did not reach the criteria for PTSD.
The questionnaires were conducted in the following order: the Social Demographic Questionnaire, the SPTSS, and the CES.
Convergent validity of the CES was measured by correlation with the screening for PTSD, as measured by the SPTSS. There was a low but significant correlation (.25, p <.0 l) between the event centrality and the PTSD screening.
The interpretation shows a significant but low correlation with the SPTSS, with convergent validity between related components.