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SPUFSecreted Protein of Unknown Function
SPUFSpirit, Pride, Unity and Friendship
SPUFSteam Powered User Forum (online gaming forum)
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The burning test results for water blown SPUF with different content of flame retardant APP are presented in Table 1.
According to the results of horizontal burning tests, the pure SPUF does not show self-extinguishing until the content of APP reaches up to 7wt%.
A serious dropping phenomenon was observed during the burning process of SPUF. It produced a combustible flow of tar.
Figure 1 shows TG and DTG curves of [SPUF/APP.sub.19], pure water blown SPUF, and APP.
FTIR spectra of pure SPUF and [SPUF/APP.sub.19] calcined at 350[degrees]C, APP at room temperature, are shown in Figure 3.