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SPUGSingapore Palm Users' Group
SPUGSeattle Perl Users Group (Washington)
SPUGSociety for the Protection of Ugly Goblins (Harry Potter)
SPUGSpace Port User Group (computer user group; Alamogordo, NM)
SPUGState Purchasing Users Group (Ohio)
SPUGSmall Power Utilities Group (Philippines)
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Since SPUG areas are situated in off-grid islands and are more prone to storms and inclement weather conditions, these tanks are also helpful in safekeeping fuel until the next supply arrives.
Fifteen Napocor SPUG plants are planned to be equipped with new fuel tanks soon.
SPUG areas are susceptible to lack of power supply, whenever Napocor is unable to secure all the funding requirements it needs.
But I know that the tide is irreversible, and the idea of some kind of Dialect Academy, insisting that spugs and armholes and pumps and urchins and mawkins be used wherever possible, is unlikely.