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SPUGSingapore Palm Users' Group
SPUGSeattle Perl Users Group (Washington)
SPUGSociety for the Protection of Ugly Goblins (Harry Potter)
SPUGSpace Port User Group (computer user group; Alamogordo, NM)
SPUGState Purchasing Users Group (Ohio)
SPUGSmall Power Utilities Group (Philippines)
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Most SPUG areas depend on diesel-fed generating sets or bunker fuel-fired power plants on their electricity service, hence, they will be hit generally by the higher taxes levied on petroleum products.
7MW peak of solar projects to hybrid with existing diesel plants in SPUG areas with different sizes, hovering between 16 kilowatts and 152 kilowatts.
Since SPUG areas are situated in off-grid islands and are more prone to storms and inclement weather conditions, these tanks are also helpful in safekeeping fuel until the next supply arrives.
NPC president Gladys Cruz-Sta Rita said "we want to identify and utilize the hydropower potential of the various river basins in the islands where SPUG operates.
Contract awarded for Supply and Delivery of Engine Lubricating Oil (ELO) to NPC SPUG Power Plants and Barges for CY 2013 ( Re Bidding)
She added that with the installation of RE hybrids, there is a potential to lower the cost of subsidies funneled to SPUG areas that had conventionally relied on diesel or bunker-C fired generating facilities.
The beneficiaries of the gensets, according to NPC president Gladys Cruz-Sta Rita will be 52 SPUG plants, which shall then hopefully "improve the reliability of power supply in these far-flung villages that are not connected to the country's main power grid.
Napocor SPUG held on Wednesday the groundbreaking for the first of the five facilities--a 15-kW diesel-fed power plant that will serve 147 households in Barangay Atulayan, Sagnay, Caramoram, Camarines Sur.
Co said SUWECO's priority is to develop the renewable energy potentials in Catanduanes and other SPUG areas to address shortage of electricity supply, lower their power cost and more importantly, for government to minimize subsidies to these areas.
Despite the agreement with PNOC RC, Napocor is still looking to bid out next year 12 of the 14 first wave areas where the SPUG currently operates.
These are costs incurred by Napocor to supply power to off-grid areas covered by SPUG, the state generator's missionary electrification arm that provides electricity to remote islands and far-flung communities.
She added these initiatives had been intended to address "lingering issues in the bidding, supply and utilization of fuel that run all SPUG facilities.