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SPURTSpinning Unguided Rocket Trajectory
SPURTSymbolic Programming for UNIVAC Real-Time System
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"I shouldn't have come down - made me worse," he began whispering in spurts. "Worse still going up again.
It had never been given me to see such deadly accuracy of aim, and it seemed as though a little figure on one of the craft dropped at the explosion of each bullet, while the banners and upper works dissolved in spurts of flame as the irresistible projectiles of our warriors mowed through them.
Great tails lashed in frenzied anger about us, razor-like talons cut our limbs and bodies, and a green and sticky syrup, such as oozes from a crushed caterpillar, smeared us from head to foot, for every cut and thrust of our longswords brought spurts of this stuff upon us from the severed arteries of the plant men, through which it courses in its sluggish viscidity in lieu of blood.
"Delhi is witnessing a dangerous spurt in serious crimes.
She says those in the developing phase experience growing spurts because hormonal levels are disproportionate at the time.
In what can be a worrying sign, the agency said it has observed a spurt in asset quality stress building up in the non-corporate loans, even as the same in the corporate segment has plateaued.
This created a short, sharp and intense spurt of growth that the regime lost no opportunity to tout.
Shekinna Stricklen hit three 3s in a 57-second span, and Jonquel Jones scored 10 points, during a 24-7 spurt that trimmed Sun's deficit to 72-69 early in the fourth quarter, but Chicago scored 13 of the next 16 points to pull away for good.
"The owner's mum said I 'would spurt milk all over the dresses.' .' I had my loudspeaker on in the car and my fiance James got very upset.
The total numbers and percentage of girls with peak pubertal spurt was 8(26%).