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SPUTUMSubgenius Police, Usenet Tactical Unit, Mobile
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Patients who are diagnosed to have Chronic bronchitis (Presence of cough and sputum production for at least 3 months in each of two consecutive years), now presenting with increased sputum quantity, purulence and dyspnoea with or without fever and leukocytosis.
We also assessed for bacterial species present on cough plates and in sputum samples to enable comparison of transmission frequencies among pathogens.
Symptoms: Cough with sputum, fever (more than 98.4 AdegF), sweating and shortness of breathing
Sputum bacteriology of patients with acute exacerbations of bronchiectasis.
The present study was conducted with an objective of comparing the efficacy of various counter stains in Auramine O staining method enabling better detection of acid fast bacilli in sputum smears.
Spontaneous sputum was collected from LC patients just prior to bronchoscopy, and sputum induction through 3 inhalations of 4% hypertonic saline (7 min each) was used for cancer-free patients and healthy volunteers.
"Low-strength evidence suggests that smoking marijuana is associated with cough, sputum production, and wheezing," the authors write.
The trial of the participants found that each five mg/kg per day increase in rifampin increased the elimination rate of TB bacteria from sputum. The trial also looked at rifampin concentrations in plasma and found that elimination rates of TB bacteria were significantly related to higher rifampin concentrations.
Date, venue and timing of free chest camps where medical consultation and sputum smear microscopy (SSM) diagnostic service was to be provided free of cost to TB presumptive cases in that community were also announced.
This is a cross-sectional study which intends to compare the nutritional status between sputum smear positive and sputum smear negative newly diagnosed cases of PTB.
Of these 24 patients, 10 (46%) patients had a positive sputum or tracheal secretion sample with negative BAL or bronchial washings.
Before availability of the Xpert MTB/RIF test, the diagnosis of pulmonary TB in resource-limited settings was based primarily on detection of acid-fast bacilli by sputum smear microscopy.