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SPVSpecial Purpose Vehicle (financial)
SPVSpecial Purpose Vehicle
SPVSapeur-Pompier Volontaire (French: Volunteer Firefighter)
SPVSpectrum Pursuit Vehicle (toy)
SPVSolar Photo-Voltaic
SPVSurface Photovoltage
SPVService de La Protection des Végétaux (French: Plant Protection Service)
SPVSound Pictures Video (Orange Smartphone)
SPVSubsistence Prime Vendor (dining services contractor)
SPVSociété Pédagogique Vaudoise (French: Vaudoise Educational Society; Switzerland; est. 1856)
SPVSon Photo Vidéo (French: Sound, Picture, Video; Orange smartphone)
SPVSpecial Purpose Visa
SPVService de Préparation à la Vie (French: Preparation for Life Service; Canada)
SPVSystem Performance Verification
SPVScald Protection Valve (Speakman Company)
SPVSouth Polar Vortex
SPVSpecial Purpose Venture (investment)
SPVSchweizerischer Podologenverband
SPVSpace Position Value
SPVSelf Piloted Vehicle
SPVState Probability Vector
SPVSemantics-Preserving Variation
SPVStandard Presumptive Value (vehicles)
SPVSpatial Performance Visualization (wireless networking)
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Given that SPV relies solely on JEV for debt repayment, the Company's debt-servicing ability in respect of the Class A IMTN will be impaired if any of our concerns materialise, i.
In order to find out critical financial and legal factors for establishing SPV of PPP power projects in Asia, the study is done in a systematic approach involving three phases: (1) literature review and case investigation of PPP power projects in Asia, (2) questionnaire survey to the experts and experienced practitioners in Asia to identify the most important financial and legal factors, and finally (3) analyze data from completed returned questionnaire with simple statistical techniques like mean, standard deviation, ranking and percentage of responses per factor.
The formation of IMG will signal the start of negotiations on SPV Simfer and the infrastructure required to support the Simandou South mining project.
The original liquidation preference for the AIA SPV was $16 billion.
This project by NSDC will be executed by an SPV, which will have an equity holding of 73 percent by Laurus and 27 percent by NSDC.
On a practical level, when it comes to bonds, which are taken by Life Insurance Corporation and other financial institutions, they look for credit rating and dividend track record, which an SPV cannot have.
The SPV currently has a land bank of around 500 acres.
It has meant a business boom for the shopfitting company that formed in January this year as part of the Aldridge-based SPV Group.
The government should constitute a Realty SPV immediately for dealing in realty so that developers have the alternative to offload completed or under-construction property to the SPV.
While under the SPV route the burden would not be on the parent companies' balance sheet, the advantage of a consortium approach would be that the companies would enjoy tax benefits extended to exploration activities, industry experts said.
The SPV systems are stand-alone and powered by an SPV panel with a pole mounted battery providing energy storage for night usage.
These SPVs are established to operate based on a very strict and predetermined set of procedures that are defined at the time of issuance, and allow for no or very little intervention by third parties, including the seller of the assets to the SPV.