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SPVSpecial Purpose Vehicle
SPVSpecial Purpose Vehicle (financial)
SPVSenior Vice President
SPVSweet Potato Vine
SPVSampler Performance Validation
SPVSmart Phone Video
SPVSound Pictures and Video
SPVSpecific Volume
SPVSapeur-Pompier Volontaire (French: Volunteer Firefighter)
SPVStandard Presumptive Value (vehicles)
SPVSpectrum Pursuit Vehicle (toy)
SPVSolar Photo-Voltaic
SPVSurface Photovoltage
SPVSingle Point Vulnerability (nuclear safety; various organizations)
SPVService de La Protection des Végétaux (French: Plant Protection Service)
SPVSound Pictures Video (Orange Smartphone)
SPVSubsistence Prime Vendor (dining services contractor)
SPVSociété Pédagogique Vaudoise (French: Vaudoise Educational Society; Switzerland; est. 1856)
SPVSon Photo Vidéo (French: Sound, Picture, Video; Orange smartphone)
SPVSpatial Performance Visualization (wireless networking)
SPVSpecial Purpose Visa
SPVSpecialist, Transport Airman (US DoD)
SPVService de Préparation à la Vie (French: Preparation for Life Service; Canada)
SPVSystem Performance Verification
SPVScald Protection Valve (Speakman Company)
SPVSpecial Purpose Venture (investment)
SPVSouth Polar Vortex
SPVSchweizerischer Podologenverband
SPVSpace Position Value
SPVSelf Piloted Vehicle
SPVState Probability Vector
SPVSemantics-Preserving Variation
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In view of the limited availability of funds, the SPV had been able to take up projects for providing pucca houses to all the households in the mining affected villages, rural piped water supply projects, afforestation and skill development, the affidavit stated.
Also, where more than one Intermediate SPV is applied for in an investment structure, a single business plan will suffice, but separate application forms will be required for each entity.
The SPV should protect all shareholders with a commitment to trans- parency, including adopting very clear policies on bribery and corruption, conflicts of interest and cor- porate and social responsibility.
This follows a high level panel discussion on SPVs and corporate entities component in investment banking and asset management, organised by Bahrain Asset Managers Association (BAMA) in co-operation with Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) and Economic Development Board (EDB).
This is after factoring in proposed dividend payments of MYR 30 million and capex totalling MYR 44 million at JEV level, which will ultimately affect payments to SPV.
Bafna will continue to manufacture these products for the SPV
SPV has been an important supplier and reliable partner of the local industry for nearly 30 years.
While rejecting the government's proposal, bankers said that the creation of the SPV was a short-term move that would not solve the liquidity problem in the long run.
Another objective of SPV is to minimize the project risks that are assumed by it and to pass them through the contractual structure to stakeholders that are best able to assess and manage risks.
The preferred equity interests in the AIA SPV were created by AIG and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Dec.
It has been reported initially that the majority stake will be bought by PE firms in the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) which is to be floated for the purpose but now it has been reported that contrary to news reports, the Munjals might have the controlling stake in SPV.
This will make SPV the second biggest viscose fibre producer in the world, after Lenzing itself.