SPVDSimple Pressure Vessels Directive (EU)
SPVDSalmonella Plasmid Virulence Factor D (infectious diseases)
SPVDSet Pressure Verification Device (safety valves)
SPVDSweet Potato Viral Disease
SPVDSlow-Phase Eye Velocity Downward (neurophysiology)
SPVDSpolecnost Pro Verejnou Dopravu (society for public transport; Czech Republic)
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The Salmonella effector SpvD Is a cysteine hydrolase with a serovar-specific polymorphism influencing catalytic activity, suppression of immune responses, and bacterial virulence.
Selected key genetic features for zoonotic source prediction of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium using a Random Forest classifier Affected Feature rank * gene Feature type 1 fiiC Single-nucleotide polymorphism 5 traA Accessory gene 6 spvB Accessory gene 9 1930 ([dagger]) Accessory gene 11 1874 ([dagger]) Indel 13-15, 28 cusCFBA Accessory gene 16 silP Accessory gene 21 yafA Accessory gene 24 sspH2 Accessory gene 27 0286A ([dagger]) Accessory gene 31 pipB2 Accessory gene 32 proQ Accessory gene 34 spvD Accessory gene 37 Trap Accessory gene 39 yhfL Indel 41 0835 ([dagger]) Accessory gene 43 traJ Accessory gene 45 yceA Accessory gene 46 exc Accessory gene Feature rank * Gene function (reference) 1 Motility, serotype diversity, intestinal colonization (16) 5 Pilin precursor.
The cost-efficiency of SPVD through using concentrated solar radiation, as well as through devising Pd-loaded nanoparticles with high surface area in a one-step synthesis approach, could lead to a more rapid implementation of nanoparticulated Pd/C in the chemical industry, thus aiding to create a more sustainable society and environment.
For a single experiment, an overall efficiency of 7.5% has been reached, considering the operational parameters of the SPVD process.
The only issue is how frequent should inspections be when the SPVD identifies the minimum wall thickness for steel vessels as 2mm.