SPVHSindikat Prometnika Vlakova Hrvatske (Croatian: Union of Croatian Train Dispatchers)
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Although, there were no significant differences in digestibility coefficients and TDN and DE values among the different levels of SPVS and SPVH, the 40% SPVS diet showed the highest digestibility coefficients of all nutrients and subsequently nutritive values, however, control diet had the lowest values (P < 0.
The daily weight gain of rabbits fed 20% BH + 20% SPVS, 40% SPVS, 20% BH + 20% SPVH and 40% SPVH diets increased by 3.
05) the highest feed cost and feed cost/kg gain, however, those fed 40% SPVS and SPVH diets showed significantly (P < 0.