SPVMService de Police de la Ville de Montréal (formerly Service de Police de la Communauté Urbaine de Montréal)
SPVMSijil Pelajaran Vokasional Malaysia (Malay: Vocational Certificate of Education Examination; now Vocational Certificate of Education)
SPVMStatic Public Void Main
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L'application du protocole a permis l'acquisition de nouvelles connaissances et une pratique d'intervention favorisant la solidification des liens avec les partenaires du SPVM.
SPVM also offers consulting services for people who want to implement an integrated security apparatus.
The main source of SPVM revenue comes from renting out police employees.
To this fairly standard type of contractual arrangement, the SPVM has added some coercive tactics to get new deals.
This change in regulations allowed the SPVM to increase its commercialization by offering a "package deal" to the organizers of these events.
Since 2006 (the first year for which credible and comparable data exist), commercialization has continually been increasingly profitable, following the general trend of overall revenue for the SPVM, which went from CN$ 12.
These figures show that commercialization is steadily growing and is acquiring a permanent position in the SPVM agenda, an assertion strengthened by its integration into the action plan for 2009.
This means that if the situation requires it, the police can still be at full force, allowing them to argue that commercialization will not jeopardize the security of citizens, since ultimately the SPVM controls the deployment of its troops.
Aware of the limits of the first tactic, the SPVM also stipulated that only off-duty police employees could be used on commercial assignments.
The SPVM uses cadets because they are less costly-therefore providing a certain competitive advantage-- and because most commercial jobs do not require fully trained police officers.
Relying on these new public security employees to fill the commercial jobs undertaken by the police is one way, according to the SPVM, to avoid increasing inequities in the distribution of security.
In an open letter to the press, the leader of the Montreal police union asked the soon-to-be-elected director of the SPVM, among other things, to limit commercialization activities, to create clearer rules governing such activities, and to stop trying to use police employees to make a profit.