SPWDSmoothed Pseudo Wigner Distribution (audiology)
SPWDSpyders Play Web Design (New Zealand)
SPWDSeismic Prediction while Drilling (geology)
SPWDSociety for Promotion of Wastelands Development (India)
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Other projects that the SPWD is working on includes construction of a ladies parks which will soon be opened, sports club and other several entertainment projects in the areas.
Since the SPWD architecture scales in multiples of two, the company will drive future technology development by applying a "Moore's Law for Bandwidth" calling for a doubling of capacity every six to nine months.
Altra Broadband will develop components and sub-systems for broadband wireless and optical networking based on a proprietary new technology, SPWD (Spin Polarized Wave Division).
Estimate prepare on the basis of SOR 2007 SPWD, SOR 1999 and market rate.