SPWDSmoothed Pseudo Wigner Distribution (audiology)
SPWDSpyders Play Web Design (New Zealand)
SPWDSeismic Prediction while Drilling (geology)
SPWDSociety for Promotion of Wastelands Development (India)
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Following the scenarios, the SPWDs, as well as nurse faculty, provide feedback (debriefing) to students about their effectiveness in the use of communication and nursing skills.
Although SPWDs have participated in medical student education (Long-Bellil et al.
The experience of this team suggested that SPWDs consider themselves to be a key component of the undergraduate nursing curriculum and bring considerable benefit to the students.
Eight SPWDs participated in a focus group; two other SPWDs participated via individual telephone interviews because of timing conflicts.
Following institutional review board approval, the SPWDs who had served in the nursing program for nearly two years were invited to participate in a focus group.
Further, a summary of the themes and comments was developed and then returned to the SPWDs for member checking (Creswell, 2007).
Analysis of the interview transcripts identified five themes: 1) the desire to give back and improve health care for future patients with disability, 2) an opportunity to be productive again, 3) joy in seeing students learn and grow, 4) the need for more feedback to SPWDs on their performance, and 5) the importance of having people with disability assess the accessibility of the education facility.
The major motivation for the SPWDs to participate in the program was their desire to give back and improve health care for future patients with disability.
The SPWDs found the opportunity to participate in the nursing program to be personally rewarding and self-affirming.
The SPWDs enjoyed interacting with the nursing students and seeing their knowledge, understanding, and sensitivity about disability grow.
Unexpected comments from the SPWDs had to do with the nursing education building, a state-of-the-art facility that meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
SPWDs identified the need for the college of nursing building to be assessed by persons with a physical disability for accessibility, and they identified several problems that could be easily remedied.