SPWGSignal Processing Working Group (US NASA and US DoD)
SPWGStatic Pressure Water Gauge
SPWGStrategic Parts Working Group
SPWGSea Publication Working Group
SPWGService Provider Working Group (WiMAX Forum)
SPWGStandard Panels Working Group
SPWGSecurity Policy Working Group
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The SPWG, formed in October 1999, brings together the industry's mobile PC and LCD manufacturers to create mechanical and electrical standards for mobile PC displays.
Almost 60 percent of the displays used in the industry now comply with the current SPWG 2.
Support for additional panel sizes and resolutions in the SPWG 3.
More information about the SPWG can be found at www.
0) for publication by VESA as "industry standards," per a request from former SPWG organizers Hewlett-Packard/Compaq and Dell.
According to VESA executive director, Bill Lempesis, the SPWG was never formally organized as a standards organization; these documents have recently been in need of a "home" to ensure their continued support and availability.
Hewlett-Packard expects the work of the SPWG to continue within VESA and we are already beginning the process for further development of these specifications," said Bob Myers, manager of the Display Technology Center, Hewlett-Packard.