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So entrenched has this last metaphor for the spy world become, it is easy to forget that if Bond can do it all--and it seems he can--this has less to do with 'Q', than with 007's discipline, training and focus.
The two parts of the book, which cover the two major components of these operations--high-tech and spy-tech--or, as the author calls them, "the people and then their techniques," illustrate the technical, political, and human intricacies of the spy world (p.
Ibne Safi was the pen name of Asrar Ahmad.His main works were the 125-book series Jasoosi Dunya (The Spy World) and the 120-book Imran Series, with a small canon of satirical works and poetry.
His name was William Stephenson, but people in the spy world called him "Intrepid" (which means fearless).
When asked how his knowledge of the intelligence community impacts his art, Ostrovsky replied: "When you look at the spy world, even in movies or on TV, you see the danger of people losing their lives.
These cliches help to weave the film's shadowy and cynical spy world, but they also trivialize the political realities of the real story.
Now he has left the spy world behind to create a kiltwearing rodent, Hamish McMoosie, who lives in Brechin, Angus.
The penny-pinching Secret Service, the modern day Pierce Brosnan's of the spy world, handed back more than half its budget last year.
Ushered into the innermost sanctum of the spy world, the scientists got to push the buttons that control the ultrasecret satellites run by the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), whose very name was classified until last year.
finish debriefing Ames.) The lawmakers' request was greeted by hoots from the spy world. Richard Helms, a former C.I.A.
What Waite can't hide, however, is a longing to be part of a glamorous spy world. ("As I sit here in the semi-darkness, I remember le Carre's books...they capture the bizarre world of the intelligence operative").