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SPYCESatellite Photovoltaic Yield Control & Evaluation (online monitoring system)
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'Acceptance of robots will eventually happen when you bring experienced professionals into the mix who can help create great recipes,' said Pathross, referring to the appointment of Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud as Spyce's culinary director.
Spyce bills itself as "the world's first restaurant featuring a robotic kitchen that cooks complex meals," a distinction that appears to reference burger-flipping robots like "Flippy," who plied his trade in a California fast food kitchen before being temporary suspended -- because he wasn't working fast enough.
A prototype of Spyce's robotic chef was first assembled in the basement of the co-founders' fraternity house at MIT.
Spyce employs multiple people, a detail that the restaurant's founders are quick to emphasize when they explain their concept.
Spyce has those, and automated order-taking kiosks to boot, although it still employs plenty of humans.
Spyce's founders said they chose a relatively simple type of meal -- grain bowls -- and avoided trying to use robotic arms.
Spyce has generated enthusiasm among downtown Boston office workers, though technology experts in a city known for spawning robotics startups aren't sure what to call it.
The latter - Spyce - is a new boutique featuring women's and men's shoes, clothes and accessories that opens onto the market's second-floor courtyard.
Spyce took over the former Candy Baron storefront, along with the adjacent space that was previously used by a nonprofit agency.
[t]o lerne me clergye and gret wysdoun / That I myght the better gouerne the kingdom / An hundereth maystres I had and moo / And god yaff me grace to lerne soo / That the Sevyn seyence I cowde perfytely / And after that lerned I / To know of euery herbe the virtue / And eke of Rothis where euer they grew / Whether they in kynde be colde or hote / The maner of Spyces I know by rote / How in phisike they haue her worching / The syeke in to heele I canne wele bring / After this I lernyd dyvynite / Thre persones to know of the trynyte / By than I was xv.
Auydyously we drynke the wynes of other landes, we bye up their frutes & spyces, yea, we consume in aparell their sylkes & their velvettes.
up their frutes and spyces, yea we consume in apparell their silkes