SPYLSwapo Party Youth League (Namibia)
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SPYL is however highly worried about the high requirements set for this teaching post (fully conscious of its importance).
Considering the number of graduates in the field of Psychology and Counselling, though not trained teachers as such, but however finds it too challenging to enter, SPYL suggest that these requirements be soften so that more schools can have these posts filled and more learners can benefit from the syllabus and the teachers' counselling.
Issued by the SPYL Department of Education, Sport and Culture
The SPYL is flabbergasted that there are numerous schools that are not allowing learners who failed grade 10 to repeat as per directive of the Ministry.
SPYL observed some major challenges and recommends some possible interventions.
I know that Mr Shanghala is an independent-minded young man but the perception being created by his role in SPYL activities make a mockery of the task the Namibian nation has entrusted him with.
Democracy wise, the young people, especially the SPYL, may reject the UN which is an embodiment of global democracy.
Kazenambo Kazenambo, was publicly condemned by the SPYL (under the leadership of Ngurare) for bringing up the debate of a non- Oshiwambo president earlier.
Recent homophobic rants by SPYLs leadership at press conferences and national television is an apt example of irresponsible behaviour that translates in crimes against LGBT communities in the country," said Baumann