SQ CMSquare Centimeter
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This new record is also an improvement of 0.6 points over the previous record for small area crystalline silicon-based solar cells (cell area: 4 sq cm) of 25 per cent, stated the company.
Current British rules require a minimum of 1,000 sq cm for a hen alone in a cage, 750 sq cm per bird for two sharing, and 550 sq cm per bird for three.
GROWTH RATE: At mean crown-rump length of 14.5cm mean frontal area was 7.68 sq cm. From 14.5-19.5 cm range, 1 cm increase in CR length there was an increase of Right frontal area by 0.994 sq.
The Grede core sand has a total surface area of 8375 sq cm and the Neenah core sand has 10,148 sq cm.