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SQ1Space Quest 1 (Sierra game)
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Based on item-level IPA results, the "Concentrate here" quadrant captured two system quality attributes, namely, SQ1 and SQ2, for both low- and high-satisfaction HIS users.
To answer the first subquestion SQ1: do students show an increase in ethical sensitivity and global citizenship (social responsibility, global competence, and global civic engagement) after taking the course?, a quantitative measure of ethical sensitivity ESSQ and the global citizenship GCS in a pre- and posttest design were used.
SQ1 explored the needs of the millennial freshmen student population and what programs, events, and or activities that best accommodate these needs.
In Table 2, the object a has a sequent path sql [right arrow] sq2, and the object b has a sequent path sq1 [right arrow] sq3.
These results clearly demonstrate that the studied squaraine dyes are potentially efficient for DSSCs especially SQ1. This conclusion is confirmed by electron distribution of natural transition orbitals (NTO) as shown in Figure 4.
primary servicer of prime and subprime loans to SQ2+ from SQ1.
PA SQ SAT WOM WOM1 (0,898) 0,111 0,164 -0,028 WOM2 (0,921) -0,184 0,012 -0,008 WOM3 (0,834) 0,083 -0,190 0,039 SAT3 -0,017 (0,914) -0,064 -0,000 SAT4 0,017 (0,914) 0,064 0,000 SQ1 0,154 -0,130 (0,855) -0,116 SQ2 0,146 0,036 (0,708) 0,020 SQ3 -0,283 0,104 (0,832) 0,102 BES1 0,073 -0,126 0,011 (0,686) BES2 0,097 0,066 -0,135 (0,861) BES3 -0,004 -0,025 0,026 (0,890) BES4 -0,147 0,058 0,097 (0,884) Fonte: dos autores.
For perceived service quality, a three-factor solution is proposed: core service (SQ1, SQ3 and SQ5), physical evidence (SQ6, SQ7, SQ8 and SQ9) and safety & confidence (SQ24, SQ27, SQ28 and SQ29).
The product architecture (1 Disagree-7 was highly modular Agree) System quality SQ1. Performance quality (i.e., Compared with functional excellence) competition SQ2.
All coefficients were higher than the more stringent standard of .70 with the exception of SQ1 (0.67).