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SQ2Space Quest 2 (Sierra game)
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the system formed by sub-assembly of two interdependent Components A and B) components) with your competitors' SQ2.
On the SQ2, the Harmonic Damping System moves weight away from the grip to make it shoot like it's inches longer.
5x digital zoom (in SQ2 mode up to 11x), the AZ-2 brings the world closer with 15x total zoom power.
Author's Notes: I used a Mathews SQ2 bow, Black Gold Dusk Devil sight, Easton Carbon Evolution shafts, 100-grain G5 Montec broadheads, Steiner Predator 8x42 binoculars, Summit BuckSteps, Summit HeadHunter Lite treestand, and came clothing from Mossy Oak Apparel Company and Scent-Lok.
The Montana Black Gold Q-22 sight fits Mathews Q,2, Q2XL, SQ2 and Conquest 2 bows.
Although I figured a doe and fawn were heading for the food plot, I slowly removed my Mathews SQ2 from the bow holder and clipped my release aid onto the string.