SQADSpot Quotations and Data, Inc. (Tarrytown, NY)
SQADService Quality Analytics Data (media cost data company; New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA)
SQADSoftware Quality Assurance Division (IEEE)
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The Nielsen and SQAD data listed above will most likely fall into Level 2 of the hierarchy, because it is based on the cost of paid advertising airtime, which is a similar asset to donated airtime.
US media cost forecasting company SQAD has completed its acquisition of domestic advertising planning software firm Workhorse Software for an undisclosed sum.
Our Subscribers have demonstrated their trust in SQAD to keep their data confidential, enabling us to collect and aggregate a reported $20+ billion in transactions," said Neil Klar, CEO and President of SQAD.
The acquisition will allow SQAD to provide customers with an enhanced service portfolio, including integrated and scaled media planning and performance solutions.
According to SQAD, the Average CPM for the Composite Group Index for the first half of 2012 is ahead of the average CPM for the first six months of 2011.
David Ragins, managing director with Clarion Capital, commented that his company would offer additional resources to SQAD and consider possible partnerships and acquisitions to add value for the company's customers.
We are working with our growing subscribing community of digital industry professionals to deliver the most realistic understanding of display ad value," said Tom Adams, Director of WebCosts at SQAD.
Many media companies are largely driven by advertising revenues and the extensive historical and proprietary forecasting information SQAD produces can enhance the decision-making of institutional investors, private equity groups, and analysts.
NetCosts has the potential to level the buyer/seller playing field by replacing speculation and hearsay with hard data," said Neil Klar, president and chief executive officer, SQAD.
The new SQAD service, called NetCosts(TM), will provide ad agencies and advertisers involved in the buying of network, cable and syndicated television time, with the most accurate and comprehensive picture of the actual prices being paid.
PRtrak's new database integrates Internet audience data from comScore Media Metrix with media cost information from SQAD Inc.
MediaOcean, MediaPartnerships, Spheric Media, SQAD, and VCI