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SQBSpecial Quality Beef (USDA)
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The first two experimental findings are that SQB still arises even with these "dollar objects" and that subjects spend different amounts of time evaluating default and nondefault objects.
On the other hand, conditional on having searched a better alternative than the default, the frequency with which subjects fail to select the better object (i.e., the "fail-to-improve" error or the dynamic SQB) is 28%.
By studying how time is allocated among individual options, this article contributes to the literature by providing new insights that relate SQB and the choice-error asymmetry to attentional differences.
This article demonstrates that this combination turns out to be crucial to understand SQB under imperfect information.
Section IV demonstrates that SQB can arise even with "dollar objects" and that subjects spend more time evaluating default objects than nondefault objects (i.e., "asymmetric attention").
[26] investigated the stratum stresses in the SQB and they are expressed as
[29] investigated the strata temperature in SQB and found that the relationship between the strata temperature and the depth is
3 coal seam in the SQB have been measured by many researchers [26, 42, 44-47].
3 coal seam in the SQB was conducted by using (6) and (20) to (23) based on the parameters in Table 2.
The distinct heavy mineral assemblages in the MPH, RSB, and SQB are interpreted to represent rather different sources.
Results of heavy mineral analyses Normalized Percentages of Non-opaque Minerals grain size % heavy horn- (mm) minerals blende diopside MPH 0.25-0.30 8.5 26.1 61.6 RSB 0.212-0.30 0.35 0.3 SQB 0.25-0.30 0.07 1.6 CF (a) 0.063-0.125 3 Normalized Percentages of Non-opaque Minerals alumino- biotite garnet epidote silicate MPH 3.3 6.9 RSB 24.2 24.3 47.1 0.7 SQB 0.3 3.4 13.5 4.7 CF (a) 2 7 10 14 Normalized Percentages of Non-opaque Minerals staurolite apatite zircon MPH RSB 0.3 0.1 SQB 10.7 9.7 1.3 CF (a) 22 28 Normalized Percentages of Non-opaque Minerals tour- maline rutile other MPH 2.1 RSB 0.6 0.7 1.7 SQB 3.4 48.3 3.1 CF (a) 10 3 1 (a) average of Chadron Formation samples of Denson et al.
The eastern arm (SQB) presented in both surveys, higher polychaete densities and diversity values, probably the oyster aquaculture in Falsa Bay although not intensive has produced a certain impact in the benthic communities due to an excess of organic matter, resulting in negative Eh values and reduction of abundance and diversity.