SQBSocial Questions Bulletin (newsletter; Methodist Federation for Social Action)
SQBSpecial Quality Beef (USDA)
SQBScience Quiz Bowl
SQBSQL (Structured Query Language) Query Builder (software)
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SQB has received recognition for the past three years from the California Integrated Waste Management Board for its commitment to waste reduction.
This year, SQB challenges other businesses to take a look at their own production and make a commitment to the ongoing search for more efficient, earth-friendly means of operation.
The Company has extended the date for which exchanging SQB holders will be eligible for the second quarter BAC distribution from June 15 to June 29.
The Company has extended the date for which exchanging SQB holders will be eligible for the first quarter BAC distribution from March 15 to March 29.
UPSPRING's SQB is produced from a database of individual Quality Assessment Reports (QARs).
0 of the SQB now contains a "Defect Found Percentage," the percentage of defects to the total number of possible defects for each quality category; programming standards, portability, globalization, and structure.
Additionally, UPSPRING consulted with a number of its customers to determine which particular measures were of the most concern, and has highlighted them within the SQB.
Second, the inability of the Company to pledge or otherwise finance a portion of certain assets that are segregated for the benefit of SQB holders can complicate the structuring of financing transactions undertaken in connection with the Company's Liquidity and Growth Plan.
If all SQB holders elected to exchange their SQBs for BACs, the Company would issue an additional 173,650 BACs, or approximately 2.
SQBs, however, are not listed on any exchange, and the Company is not aware of any sales of SQBs other than redemptions of SQBs made by the Company.
The SQB includes a discussion about quality scores, trends, as well as areas of emphasis.
For those involved with software quality process improvement methodologies such as Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model (SEI's CMM), Six Sigma, or ISO 9001, the SQB provides another means to "optimize" their processes by comparing internal software to other software development organizations.