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SQCSupplier Quality Control (various companies)
SQCStatistical Quality Control
SQCSoftware Quality Control
SQCSingapore Quality Class
SQCScottish Qualifications Certificate (record of student's academic achievements)
SQCSurface Quality Control
SQCStudent Quality Circle (various locations)
SQCScantron Quality Computers (Birmingham, AL)
SQCSchema Questionnaire for Children (psychology)
SQCSupplier Quality Commodity (various companies)
SQCSyndicat Québécois de la Construction (French: Quebec Construction Union; Canada)
SQCSediment Quality Criteria
SQCSpecial Qualification Certificate (various locations)
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SQC executive director Alistair Ewan launched an approved digestate scheme at Arable Scotland yesterday, which means the use of all green digestate - but not PAS 110, which contains food waste - will be acceptable to the Scotch Whisky Association and most distillers.
Traditionally, SQC design has focused on the selection of QC rules and the number of QC results that are necessary to achieve a high probability of error detection ([P.sub.ed]) while maintaining a low probability of false rejection ([P.susb.fr]) (3).
SQC has been launched to advance the development and commercialisation of the UNSW's quantum computing technology.
The 57-gene signature was also evaluated inboth fresh-frozen (FF) and a new set of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) lung tumor samples comprising multiple subtypes of lung tumors, including ACA, SQC, and neuroendocrine (NE) (comprising small cell and carcinoid tumors).
Ortigas also claims that SQC has not authorized the opening of any bank account with RCBC, and that he is not aware of any board meeting that authorized the opening of such an account.
The agreement between the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification scheme (ISCC), Red Tractor (RT) and SQC means that ISCC will now accept deliveries from members of both RT and SQC for its operations in the UK.
I had the opportunity to meet SQC in Prime Minister's Office in 2005 when he and his son Fayyaz were directly involved in land-grabbing attempts of my parents' real estate in Chittagong.
With options including SPC/ SQC, Labour tracking and Scheduling, Family Tooling, Material traceability, bar-coding.
Amasaka describes the method in his book Science SQC, New Quality Control Principle (Springer-Verlag Tokyo 2004).
Thus, machine performance records, part quality records, and SQC data results are secure from improper modification or deliberate sabotage, Mattec says.
Yesterday those 141,000 candidates who tackled a total of 243 subjects requiring 3.25 million exam papers to be printed will have received their Scottish Qualifications Certificate (SQC) ending months of waiting and wondering.
A selection of high precision, stand-alone SQC solutions for filling processes and network solutions with static or dynamic checkweighers will also be on show.