SQEPSupplier Quality Excellence Process (Caterpillar supplier approval system)
SQEPSoftware Quality Evaluation Plan
SQEPSuitably Qualified & Experienced Personnel
SQEPSoftware Quality Evaluation Program
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DENSO Corp's Anjo plant, located in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, earned the SQEP platinum certification, and the Nishio plant, located in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, earned the gold certification.
The provision of SQEP at all levels within the industry requires the whole of the education pyramid to be considered: from schools, which provide the pool of people with an interest in the nuclear industry, through apprenticeships and further education colleges, to graduate and postgraduate programmes.
The Caterpillar (CAT) SQEP program is designed to recognize and place special emphasis on suppliers who achieve performance excellence.
Frailey, President and General Manager of CVG's Electrical Systems division stated, "We are extremely proud of our Edgewood team for their efforts to earn the top rating in Caterpillar's rigorous SQEP program.
SQEP certification is only awarded to suppliers who demonstrate world-class performance on an ongoing basis.
Caterpillar's SQEP program involves a rigorous review of supplier processes.