SQFDSoftware Quality Function Deployment
SQFDse qu'il fallait démontrer
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Durante a analise da literatura apresentada no Quadro 1, foi verificado que o SQFD e colocado como sendo uma adaptacao do QFD tradicional.
(1996) serem citados nas publicacoes sobre SQFD, seu trabalho nao foi aprofundado nas obras pesquisadas, visando a obter um melhor detalhamento ou exemplificacao da adaptacao proposta.
Dentre esses textos, somente trabalhos que adotavam o QFD, em especifico no desenvolvimento de software, foram identificados, tal como o SQFD, anteriormente discutido.
A quantitative approach for setting technical targets based on impact analysis in software quality function deployment (SQFD).
The end result of SQFD is a set of measurable technical product specifications and their priorities.
SQFD is an explication of the "Planning" phase in the famous Shewhart cycle of Planning-Doing-Checking-Acting for quality improvement.
SQFD is a front-end requirements solicitation technique, adaptable to any software engineering methodology, that quantifiably solicits and defines critical customer requirements [7].
The requirements are usually short statements recorded specifically in the customers' terminology (e.g., "easy to learn") and are accompanied by a detailed definition, the SQFD version of a data dictionary.
The end result of the SQFD process will, at a minimum, contain measurable technical product specifications, their importance percentage, and targeted measures.
This presentation of SQFD primarily uses the matrix tool of TQM without the extensions that define QFD.
Zaltner model of SQFD. Zultner's[32] model for applying QFD to software development is quite extensive and detailed.
Haag[10] has summarized Zultner's model for SQFD into four interrelated sets of matrices that link customer requirements to software system specifications and supports detailed a priori planning of a software development project.