SQIDStormwater Quality Improvement Device (Australia)
SQIDSuperconducting Quantum Interference Device
SQIDSemiconductor-Based Implementation of Quantum Information Devices
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The table STAY (EPC, sqid) stores sequent paths of objects.
Thus, we will extend existing coding techniques, called path (sequence), and compress data into SEQ (sqid, postion_id, [t.sub.in], and [t.sub.out]) by aggregating the path sequence, the position, and the time interval (see Figure 8).
Other clients followed and before long Simon was running his own business SQID, which provides both graphic design and printing services.
The Presidency in stqte,ent issued; Fridqy sqid the Republic of Sudan announced its recognition to the independent sovereign state as of July 9 2011 as it was when the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed in Jan 9 2005 and according to the principles of the international law concerning the recogntion of the states.