SQIPShop Qualification Improvement Program (Navy)
SQIPSoftware Quality Improvement Plan
SQIPSprint Quality Improvement Process
SQIPStrategic and Quality Improvement Plan (Australia)
SQIPSupplier Quality Improvement Program
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However, the residuals of indicator scores generated by the SMAF and SQIP were normally distributed; therefore, an accumulated analysis of variance (ANOVA) of an unbalanced design was used to test for differences between treatments.
Since soil quality is site- and land-use specific, the SQIP would be the more suitable method to apply for assessment of soil quality because it was developed specifically for these pasture systems (Swanepoel et al.
Although the study of effects of tillage practices on soil quality confirms the results of many former investigations on a global scale, it is the first to reflect the different outcomes of the locally developed SQIP compared with another method of soil quality assessment.
The SMAF and the locally developed SQIP were used to assess the five different tillage treatments, and it is concluded that the SQIP is an appropriate tool to assess soil quality for high-input dairy pastures.
Last year, Chemetall received the Golden Award in the "Best Performer" category, the second highest quality award of the Airbus SQIP program.