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SQLStructured Query Language (database query language)
SQLSquelch (radio communications)
SQLSearch and Query Language
SQLSchool Quota Letter (military)
SQLSan Carlos, California Municipal Airport (Airport Code)
SQLLong-Finned Squid (FAO species code)
SQLSonora Quest Laboratories (Tempe, Arizona clinical lab)
SQLSpecified Quality Level
SQLStandard Query Language (less common)
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Enabling SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services with Replicated Data - This solution allows organizations to take advantage of the enormous capabilities of SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services without impacting the performance of a production SQL Server environment.
Learning Tree intends to begin presenting SQL Server 2005 Programming: Skills Upgrade at its North American Education Centers in December, 2005 and at its London in February, 2006.
1 for Microsoft SQL 2005 is available immediately with pricing starting at $2,495.
SQL Server 2005 Database Administration: Hands-On has value for administrators, engineers, consultants, analysts and others interested in database administration, particularly those new to SQL Server.
A new SQL outline view, to improve usability of large SQL scripts
Enhanced collection wizard: Customize the security data that is collected on each SQL Server
SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 includes many performance, scalability and availability enhancements to key features such as Snapshot Isolation, Database Mirroring, Database Snapshots, partitioning and Service Broker to help customers deploy highly scalable, reliable applications.
com is dedicated to serving the information needs of database developers and administrators working with Microsoft's flagship database enterprise server: SQL Server and the upcoming Yukon release.
Being used to the customizable IntelliSense of Visual FoxPro, finding a similar tool for SQL Server is great," says Boudewijn Lutgerink, software architect for Lutgerink Economisch.
SQL Compare 3 has been designed to improve the handling of very large databases.
With IronTrack SQL, we are adding to our line of intuitive, low-cost tools designed to empower Java developers to monitor and track performance as the application grows.
Third, it gives SQL DBAs and developers access to the preferred tools they need right now - not in a month's time after the purchase order has been approved.