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SQLStructured Query Language (database query language)
SQLSquelch (radio communications)
SQLSearch and Query Language
SQLSchool Quota Letter (military)
SQLSan Carlos, California Municipal Airport (Airport Code)
SQLLong-Finned Squid (FAO species code)
SQLSonora Quest Laboratories (Tempe, Arizona clinical lab)
SQLSpecified Quality Level
SQLStandard Query Language (less common)
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Increased SQL performance to speed application and reporting performance
2 provides a "SQL Server Security Scorecard" which highlights the most critical SQL Server security risks.
SQL Server Management Studio -- previously referred to as the SQL Server "workbench" -- will perhaps be the most visible new tool in SQL Server 2005.
SQLsafe received the BRONZE award in the SQL Server Backup & Recovery Category.
Since the free release of SQL Prompt 2, the tool has been subject to a major development overhaul driven by feedback from the thousands of professionals who downloaded the product.
Entire SQL scripts can be created from scratch using OmniView's advanced SQL editor.
SoftTree delivers a power suite of tools for managing and administering the world's most popular database management systems - Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and Sybase.
SQL Compare 3 uses custom code that can retrieve information and create scripts orders of magnitude faster than the SQL-DMO code used in earlier releases.
SQL Professional Toolbelt is designed for those situations.
IronTrack SQL allows programmers to search for problems resulting from query interactions, or to locate unexplained spikes in database utilization.
With new confidence in the database platformeIUs ability to run mission-critical applications for business intelligence and enterprise analytics, the survey findings reflect the rapid adoption of SQL Server in existing heterogeneous environments eI with 85% of respondents reporting wide use of commercial and open source databases running alongside SQL Server," said Sami Akbay, vice president of marketing at GoldenGate Software.
As SQL Server databases continue to grow for mission critical applications and downtime windows continue to diminish, this product clearly offers an outstanding opportunity to meet both of these obstacles", stated Greg Robidoux, president, Edgewood Solutions.