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SQLSSchizophrenia Quality of Life Scale
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Items 7 and 12 were found to have higher correlations with the total score of the motivation and energy domain in the SQLS for the UK version (r = 0.67 and 0.68) [8] and for English-speaking Asians (r = 0.51 and 0.42) [11] than for the Japanese version (r = 0.39 and 0.34) [10] and for Chinese-speaking Asians (r = 0.21 and 0.32) [11].
Wild et al., "Self-report quality of life measure for people with schizophrenia: the SQLS," British Journal of Psychiatry, vol.
After sales follows up on the MQL, they can then turn it into an SQL (yes, another acronym that I'll define in the next section).
You probably figured out from MQL what an SQL is--and you're right!
En el ano 2000, Wilkinson et al desarrollaron el instrumento Schizophrenia Quality of Life Scale (SQLS), que supera algunos de estos problemas: es una escala autoaplicable, lo que facilita su aplicacion y da importancia al componente subjetivo de la evaluacion; su utilidad es adecuada, con un tiempo de aplicacion corto (5-10 min, segun el articulo original) debido a que consta de tan solo 30 items; a pesar de ser corta, es multidimensional, y divide los items en tres dominios: psicosocial, energia/motivacion y sintomas/efectos adversos (16).
La SQLS es un instrumento autoaplicable consistente de 30 items que se agrupan en los siguientes dominios: Psicosocial (15 items), Motivacion y energia (7 items) y Sintomas y efectos secundarios (8 items).
In standard series of allergens, parthenolide and SQL mixture are used for the diagnosis of compositae sensitivity.
Since our XML search engine is based on an RDBMS, a NEXI query must be translated into SQL before the execution.
For example, translated SQL queries include sub-queries which are enclosed with dotted boxes like in Figure 4.
However, the other two SQLs, britannilactone (BL) and 1, 6-0, 0-diacetylbritannilactone (ABLOO), which are different from ABLO in 1, 6-acetyl side groups, have been identified from Inula brilannica-F.
The two most promising INBIs are 5H-pyrano [2,3-d:-6,5d'] dipyrimidines (PDPs) [13] and styrylquinolines (SQL) [14].